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What Is Farm-To-Table?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

This week's guest collaborates with many local farms to bring farm-to-table style food, which got me thinking about farm-to-table.

What is it, why is it important, and why should an entrepreneur care?

Farm-to-table is constituting, consisting of, or relating to fresh locally grown or produced food. Farmers markets are great examples of farm-to-table: picking up product directly from the farm that harvests the produce.

The purest form of farm-to-table means a table literally at a farm.

A cook or chef prepares to serve from the farm, at times directly from the field, to the kitchen table for consumption.

Farm-to-table is not, however, going to the grocery store and picking up organic food or driving to the store after visiting a farm. The restaurant, cook or chef should be able to name the specific farm or farmers from where they are sourcing.

It is a unique and direct relationship between a farm, farmer or farmers, and a restaurant, cook or chef. It is a mutually beneficial relationship: farmers are able to sell their harvest while restaurants receive fresh produces to delight their customers tastebuds as well as their own.

And that is why an entrepreneur should care.

Farm-to-table offers fresh natural ingredients because they request no preservatives, this also helps keep more nutrients in the food.

Studies show that around 75% of Americans do not eat enough fruit as it is - that is not good.

Type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay, osteoporosis, elevated cholesterol, and some cancers are all linked to bad eating habits.

There is also a large benefit to the environment as food is transported locally, going only a small distance using less fuel and less carbon emissions.

But the benefits go beyond great help. Farm-to-table supports many local small businesses.

In 2018, Des Moines, Iowa, supported over 300 family farms and bakers with their farm-to-table farmers market.

And that is why an entrepreneur should care. Beyond the fact that fresh food is better for everyone’s health, farm-to-table also helps support local farmers. It is a great way to ensure the money we earned working is reinvested into our community.

The beauty of farm-to-table is entrepreneurs working towards a common goal: restaurants, cooks and chefs working with farmers, growers and delivery drivers in some cases, to bring fresh food to every kitchen table.

Fortunately, I live in Oregon where I do not have to go far to find fresh, locally-grown produce. In fact, this next episode lists several local farms where food is being purchased from, and I would highly encourage our listeners to go out and find a farmers market or farm to help support.

In Oregon our climate provides our State the ability to grow so many amazing types of produce in our fields - pay homage to those working the fields not by buying from Trader Joe’s, New Seasons or Safeway. Instead, seek out your favorite farm and inquire if you can purchase from them directly.

But don’t just ask about the food - ask about the process. Ask about how the farm came to be. As an entrepreneur, networking is key, and what better way to network than by breaking bread over a freshly homemade dinner.

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