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A Business Education Podcast Interviewing Entrepreneurs  

Latino Founders Accelerator accepting applications
Gabriel Flores on CEO Wisdom
9 Portland-area entrepreneurs compete for startup funds at Pitch Latino; meet their businesses
Gabriel Flores on Mildly Interesting People
Gabriel Flores on Barlow McCarthy
Gabriel Flores on Fan Girl Hour


Jump in now to get a handpicked batch of business wisdom straight from The Shades of Entrepreneurship podcast chats, giving you a sneak peek into the wild world of entrepreneurship, kinda like THIS, and THIS, and even THIS.

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Host Gabriel Flores pictured at the Pitch Latino event in Portland, Oregon 2023

Founder & Creative Director, Creatively Insane

President & Co-Founder, Latino Founders 

Host, The Shades of Entrepreneurship™

Past-President, American Association of Physician Liaisons 


Before the pandemic, I dedicated nearly two decades to navigating the healthcare landscape, refining my expertise in marketing, business development, and strategy. Syracuse University's Whitman School of Business further fueled my pursuit of business.
When COVID-19 hit, traditional learning shifted to virtual classrooms, prompting a strategic pivot. Immersing myself in publications like the Harvard Business Review, I absorbed insights into entrepreneurship while witnessing the pandemic's impact on my community.
Motivated to support my community, I launched "The Shades of Entrepreneurship" podcast.

This platform celebrates the resilience of Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs through direct conversations with a diverse range of guests. From small business owners to nationally recognized entrepreneurs, their stories illuminate our local economy and offer practical business wisdom. Join us for inspiration and insights.

Oregon Health & Sciences University is an academic medical center in Portland, Oregon
John L. Scott is a real estate firm based in the Pacific Northwest
Latino Founders is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) business accelerator and pitch competition program
Gabriel Flores | Owner of Creatively Insane
Gabriel Flores | Host of The Shades of Entrepreneurship
Artist Savina Monet
American Association of Physician Liaison is a national professional network
Juntos PDX is a A platform created to connect the latin hispanic community to their roots
STLHD GEAR is a quality fishing clothing and apparel brand
SAIF is Oregon’s not-for-profit workers' comp insurance company
Public Speaker Gabriel Flores presents on creating a healthcare outreach strategy
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The Testimonials

"Gabriel, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!"


"I really love the style of this podcast, it’s a healthy mix of conversation and story telling that keeps me engaged throughout the episodes. There’s also a level of seriousness mixed with laughter and comic relief. I’ve been learning from others in my area and it’s helping me feel connected to my community and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the entrepreneurs featured within the episodes. Great work!"


“Gabriel is prepared for his interviews and has a style that is easy to connect with. This show has a learning component at the start and I love how he ties this together with the guests he brings on the show. It makes for a nice mix of learning and storytelling!”


"Gabriel is a fantastic host and ask insightful questions. Whatever your field, entrepreneurs will appreciate and benefit from the topics he covers and the fascinating guests he invites on the show. Loved the variety and especially loved episode on Marketing with Brooke Chapman, exec. director of 9Boxes and ThreeBy3! Thought I new marketing bur learned tons from this episode.


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