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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The next two weeks I welcome artists who will be featured during JUNTOS PDX, a five-week-long Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Portland, Oregon running from Saturday, September 17 – Saturday, October 15, 2022.

So, what is JUNTOS PDX, why is it important, and why should an entrepreneur care?

Junto, without the S, is a political grouping or fraction, especially in the 17th and 18th-century Britain. It is an alternative formation of Junta because English believed Spanish nouns sounded more proper if they ended in an -o.

JUNTOS, the plural version, changes the definition to mean together, combined or jointly. It is a word that includes all diversities into one group. Simply being together, and that is why JUNTOS PDX is important.

JUNTOS PDX is a festival created to connect, inform, inspire, and celebrate Latinx Hispanic cultures!

So how does this all work?

The first weekend will highlight top of the line artists, including this next guest. The art exhibit aims to bring Latinx artists to the front and center.

From a fascinating Latina who’ll be displaying a brilliant vintage Latinx t-shirt collection full of icons & rich history to a Latino collector with a track record of having one of the most diverse and rarest t-shirt collections in Portland!

We have another young talented Latina with a powerful art style that leaves her audience in awe! Additionally, there will be a talented artist brings a magnificent, versatile, captivating 3D art style that will shock you!

If cutting small pieces of paper wasn’t hard enough, this Latina artist pushes paper cutting art to another level! Also featured will be an astonishing Latino artist with a unique oil painting skill that leaves its audience wondering "was it real or was it fake?!"

The second weekend is a panel of powerful story tellers from various industries. From doctors at Oregon Health & Science University to a footwear designer from Brooks Running. There are entrepreneurs, directors of data management, and designers.

The best part? I get to interview every single one of them to put together a podcast episode! I am so stoked!

The third weekend it is time to get down, and what I mean by that is it is Latinx Music and Dance weekend! We’re calling it “Baile En La Calle” which translates to dance in the street!

And yes, I will be shaking my groove thing but I still am not dancing on no TikTok but if you’re out at the event and capture me shaking my given talents and post it on Social Media, I will send you a free The Shades of E t-shirt.

Make sure to tag @theshadesofe and @juntospdx

Weekend four is time to give back to the entrepreneurs whose backs our economy was built on with an artisan flea market. I am talking art work, goods, crafts – so many entrepreneurs, and I am so extinctic about the amount of content I am going to have for 2023.

The last weekend, weekend five, is our closing ceremony. It will be a day of activities and other surprises.

This is something our Latinx & Hispanic communities have been working towards for many years.

When I helped create the Oregon Health & Science University Latinx employee resource group back in 2009, an event like this was the ultimate goal.

An event that showcases and encompasses the diversity of all Latin Americans. That means Puerto Ricans, El Salvadorians, Mexicans, Cubans. This means the Afro-Latinx community, and Asian-Latinx community. This means the pale skin, red headed, and others in the community. .

This means all of us. Together, sharing our heritage, culture and stories with each other.

This is our foundation of our community.

Our global community of entrepreneurs.

Watch Oliver:

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