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The Shades of Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Haley McClain Hill

In a recent episode of The Shades of Entrepreneurship, host Gabriel Flores sat down with the dynamic entrepreneur Haley McClain Hill to discuss her journey and the evolution of her business, TORCH WarriorWear. This conversation, filled with golden nuggets of wisdom, offers a deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of community, mentorship, and perseverance.

Haley McClain Hill, Founder of TORCH Warrior Wear on The Shades of Entrepreneurship the podcast
Haley McClain Hill

From the Military to the Marketplace

Haley McClain Hill’s story is one of resilience and innovation. As a former military officer and NFL cheerleader, Haley has seamlessly transitioned into the business world, creating Torch Warrior Wear—a clothing brand tailored for female service members. Her passion project has not only provided functional and stylish options for women in the military but has also fostered a sense of community and empowerment.

Pitching Her Way to Success

Haley shared her experiences with pitch competitions, including her notable success on Shark Tank. These competitions have been pivotal in her journey, helping her build relationships and secure funding without the arduous process of filling out grant applications. Haley’s ability to captivate audiences and judges alike has set her apart, making her a sought-after coach for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to master the art of the pitch.

The Importance of Mentorship and Community

Throughout the conversation, Haley emphasized the crucial role of mentorship and community in her entrepreneurial journey. She attributes much of her success to the guidance of her business coach and the support from her network. “You cannot do this alone,” she stated, underscoring the necessity of building relationships and seeking advice from those who have walked the path before.

Looking Ahead

TORCH Warrior Wear on The Shades of Entrepreneurship
TORCH Warrior Wear

As she looks to the future, Haley aims to establish solid systems within her business, allowing for sustainable growth and innovation. Personally, she’s also preparing for new milestones, including starting a family. Her vision for Torch Warrior Wear is not just about creating a successful brand but also about fostering a culture of honesty, hard work, and family within her team.

Tune In for More Insights

Haley McClain Hill’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and community in entrepreneurship. To delve deeper into her story and gather more valuable insights, visit and subscribe to the newsletter. Don’t miss out on the full episode of The Shades of Entrepreneurship to hear Haley’s inspiring story firsthand.

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