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The Shades of Entrepreneurship: Insights from Janelle Suzanne

In a recent episode of "The Shades of Entrepreneurship," Gabriel Flores hosted Janelle Suzanne, an inspiring entrepreneur and Managing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Louder Agency. The conversation was rich with insights on how to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, especially for women seeking flexibility in their careers.

Let's dive into the key takeaways from their discussion.

Managing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Louder Agency
Janelle Suzanne

A Vision for Women in the Workforce

Janelle Suzanne is on a mission to revolutionize how women find and secure jobs that align with their family values and personal goals. She is spearheading a job board dedicated to helping women find flexible work opportunities.

This initiative stems from her personal experience at Forward Copy, where she emphasized the importance of providing jobs that offer flexibility in hours and location.

She highlighted the challenges faced by military spouses and women living in remote areas, showcasing her dedication to creating inclusive work environments.

The Importance of Flexibility

Janelle shared how the idea for her job board started, emphasizing the need for flexible work arrangements. She spoke about her friend Amy, a talented writer living in a remote part of Colorado, who struggled to find suitable employment.

Janelle's vision is to connect women with employers who offer the flexibility to work from home, accommodate non-traditional hours, and provide the support needed for women to thrive in their careers.

Balancing Work and Family

I echoed Janelle's sentiments by sharing his own experiences. I spoke about his wife, who adjusted her work schedule to support our family, highlighting the sacrifices women often make in their careers. I wanted to emphasized the value of flexible work arrangements, particularly for parents juggling multiple responsibilities.

I praise Janelle's initiative, recognizing its potential to make a significant impact on families.

Louder Agency Logo on The Shades of Entrepreneurship
Louder Agency

Launching the Job Board

Janelle announced that her job board was set to launch by the end of June, expressing excitement about connecting women with forward-thinking employers.

She underscored the importance of paid maternity leave, flexible work hours, and the ability to work remotely, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Janelle's commitment to creating a supportive work environment for women is evident in her business practices at Louder Agency.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When asked for advice, Janelle emphasized the importance of "failing fast" and being willing to pivot quickly.

She shared her own journey of transitioning from traditional to digital marketing, highlighting the significance of seeking advice from others and not being afraid to make quick changes.

I added that seeking external advice and networking outside one's inner circle is crucial for gaining valuable insights and avoiding pitfalls.

The Power of Networking

Both Janelle and I stressed the importance of networking. Janelle recounted a pivotal moment in her career when she sought advice from Ryan Deiss, a renowned digital marketer, who generously shared his insights and opened doors for her.

I reinforced the value of building relationships, sharing how networking led to a board position opportunity for me. We both encouraged entrepreneurs to reach out, connect, and seek mentorship.


Janelle Suzanne's conversation on "The Shades of Entrepreneurship" highlighted the importance of flexibility, networking, and support for women in the workforce. Her dedication to creating opportunities for women to thrive in their careers is commendable, and her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is invaluable.

As Janelle aptly put it, "Let your where you go and surround yourself with really good people."

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