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The Art of Inspiring as an Entrepreneur: Why It Matters and How to Do It

In this week's episode, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a local Portland, Oregon artist who's on a mission to inspire. Inspiration, that powerful force that propels us towards our dreams and ambitions, is at the heart of our conversation. But what exactly is inspiration, why is it crucial, and why should entrepreneurs make it a priority to be inspiring?

Understanding the Essence of Inspiration:

Inspiration, in its purest form, is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, particularly to embark on a creative journey. It's a driving force that emanates from various sources: people, life experiences, art, and the beauty of nature. Inspiration can manifest itself in many ways, such as a sudden burst of creativity, an unwavering motivation to chase our dreams, or a renewed sense of purpose.

The Importance of Inspiration:

Inspiration holds a pivotal place in our lives for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it serves as a catalyst for achieving our goals. When we're inspired, we find ourselves more motivated, energized, and determined, making it easier to overcome obstacles and stay committed to our objectives.

Moreover, inspiration unlocks our creative potential. Entrepreneurs, in particular, can harness their innovative thinking when inspired. It encourages thinking beyond conventional boundaries, leading to novel solutions to complex problems—a priceless attribute for entrepreneurial success.

In addition to goal attainment and creative thinking, inspiration infuses life with a sense of purpose and meaning. It connects us to something larger than ourselves, fostering a profound sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Strive to Be Inspiring:

Entrepreneurs, as leaders, should strive to be inspiring for a multitude of reasons. One of the most significant benefits is the impact it has on team members. When entrepreneurs exude inspiration, they motivate their teams, enhancing morale, productivity, and the company's overall success.

Inspiring entrepreneurs also have a knack for attracting investors and customers. By articulating their vision compellingly, they draw support from investors who seek visionary leaders with a clear sense of the future. Customers are likewise drawn to companies that inspire and have a meaningful mission.

Furthermore, being an inspiring entrepreneur sustains motivation and commitment. The entrepreneurial journey can be arduous and solitary, but inspiration becomes a guiding light through the inevitable challenges and setbacks.

How to Become an Inspiring Entrepreneur:

If you aspire to be an inspiring leader in your entrepreneurial journey, consider these practical tips:

1. **Share Your Vision:** Clearly communicate your company's vision to your team, investors, and customers. Help them understand what sets your company apart and why they should be excited to be part of it.

2. **Be Authentic:** Authenticity is paramount. Be honest, transparent, and willing to share both successes and failures. Authenticity builds trust and credibility.

3. **Lead by Example:** As the face of your company, your actions speak volumes. Demonstrate the values and behaviors you want your team to adopt.

4. **Celebrate Success:** Acknowledge your team's achievements and milestones. Show appreciation for their hard work and contributions.

5. **Be a Lifelong Learner:** Continual learning is essential for personal and professional growth. In a fast-paced world, adaptability is the key to staying relevant.


The world is waiting to be inspired, and as an entrepreneur, you have the power to be that source of inspiration. By understanding the essence of inspiration, recognizing its importance, and practicing the art of inspiring, you can elevate your entrepreneurial journey to new heights. So, seize the opportunity to inspire and watch the positive ripples you create in your business, team, and beyond. The world is ready to be inspired—be the one who leads the way!

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