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What Are Problem Solving Skills?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

In one episode I welcomed Steven Christian, founder of Illtopia Studio, that really has some great ideas and is a huge problem solver, and that is what I want to talk about.

What are problem solving skills, why are they important, and why should an entrepreneur care?

For example: persistence. Persistence is an important problem-solving skill in my view, albeit misunderstood a bit. Now I am not talking repetition – doing the same thing over-and-over again and expecting a different result. I am talking determination and perseverance kind of persistence.

The fact is, as an entrepreneur, the problems that we face are complex, sometimes even pioneering the problem itself. Being persistent in a way that tries to solve the problems in more way than one, and then trying to find a better solution once the problem has been solved.

I have failed to succeed in pervious ventures, but I don’t consider it failure. I consider it an opportunity to learn so I can be better the next time, because I will try again and again.

But as mentioned it cannot be the same solutions expecting different results. It is important to have critical thinking. Honestly, we should have critical thinking in everything we do. My current role in healthcare is to analysis and evaluation the healthcare market – that is the very definition of critical thinking. My job to be successful is literally to be a critical thinker.

Critical thinking is not only important when trying to solve a problem, but it is also important when trying to avoid problems: finances, legal issues, employee issues. Critical thinking should be the central success to life and business.

Creativity, although not critically important to success – I would say I have interviewed entrepreneurs who believe they are not creative yet have been very successful.

But then I think creativity in business I think of lateral thinking – thinking outside the box for ideas. We must constantly ask different questions about the same problem to lead to better solutions. That is why I am here – to ask questions of everyday entrepreneurs for a better Oregon economy.

Now once you have solved an issue, or believe to have, as an entrepreneur's initiative is key to driving success. Everyone has an idea, but only an entrepreneur purses that idea as a business.

That is the different. I bet right now there are solutions floating around in minds but with no initiative from the unbeknownst entrepreneur to develop the solution over time. Because let’s face it: it is not easy. It takes time. It takes being flexibility to constant change.

But most importantly it takes self-discipline, and this is an area I am focusing on myself. The ability to push yourself forward, stay motivated, and take action – wow! What an incredible definition honestly.

And self-discipline expands way beyond business.

From healthcare, to finances, to simply not being an asshole sometimes – life takes self-discipline. But in business, self-discipline is important because it will help us remain on the right path without being distracted by external factors.

It reminds me of athletes when they are “in the zone” right – and they can’t miss a shot, or shooting every shot perfectly, or making every play.

We’ve all had that moment – the “in the zone” moment, right? Well self-discipline in business is having that moment all the time. It is the ability to stay controlled and remain focused on finding solutions to problems.

In short: self-discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.

If you want to get somewhere in life and in business, with goals to achieve, and dreams to chase, establishing problem solving skills early is key to success.

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