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Oregon Entrepreneurship Network Executive Director Interview

In a recent podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Cara Turano, the Executive Director of the Oregon Entrepreneurship Network (OEN) on The Shades of Entreprenurship the podcast. Here's a summary of our insightful conversation, highlighting key takeaways and upcoming opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest.

Take a listen here!

Upcoming Events

For those that may be unaware, I will be hosting this year's OEN Entrepreneurship Awards - come join the fun!

OEN's Vision and Mission

OEN Executive Director
Cara Turano Executive Director of Oregon Entrepreneurship Network

OEN has revamped its vision and mission to prioritize serving entrepreneurs. Their support includes providing connections, legal advice, funding paths, educational sessions, and pitch practices.

In Q1 alone, OEN supported 52 companies with business essentials and investment readiness programs. They also held pub talks, pitch practices, and workshops on improving pitch decks, reaching numerous entrepreneurs.

OEN hosts a variety of events, including breakfast mixers, to connect with different crowds of entrepreneurs and foster a diverse community.

Pitch Please

Cara emphasizes understanding who has already reviewed a pitch to grasp the context and expertise behind the given advice.

She recommends minimal content on slides, utilizing an appendix for additional data, and practicing with intentional pauses to enhance delivery.

Use visuals instead of text-heavy slides and share personal stories to humanize the pitch and make it more relatable.

Future Aspirations

Cara enjoys analyzing businesses and aspires to teach and coach the next generation of entrepreneurs.

She has always wanted to write a book and is considering leveraging her experiences into a marketable publication.

OEN Information

Oregon Entrepreneurship Network (OEN) logo
Oregon Entrepreneurship Network (OEN)

Cara can be reached via LinkedIn or email at or

Check out OEN's events and membership benefits on their website. Cara encourages potential members to try out an event.

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Stay tuned for more episodes featuring inspiring stories from the entrepreneurial world. Thank you for being part of this journey!




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