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Interview with Bartosz Skwarczek: A Journey through Entrepreneurship

Updated: May 29

In a recent episode of "The Shades of Entrepreneurship" podcast, hosted by Gabriel Flores, Bartosz Skwarczek, the founder of, shared profound insights into his journey through entrepreneurship. The conversation covered a range of topics from personal motivations to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Self-Inquiry in Entrepreneurship

Founder of Bartosz Skwarczek on The Shades of Entrepreneurship
Founder of Bartosz Skwarczek

I kicked off the interview by asking Bartosz about the essential questions new entrepreneurs should ask themselves - this is something I ask all my guests.

Bartosz emphasized the significance of understanding personal costs and defining success. He pointed out that knowing what you are willing to sacrifice is crucial, as entrepreneurship demands a high price, both in terms of time and personal life.

I have struggled with this myself: carving out the demands of entrepreneurship with personal life. I am a father of a 4 year old and a 1 year old - time is precious.

"What is the cost you can pay for being successful? And what is your definition of success?" - Bartosz Skwarczek

The Role of Goals and Adaptability

Bartosz highlighted the importance of having clear goals. He mentioned that many people overlook this simple yet vital aspect. Without well-defined goals, staying motivated becomes challenging. He also stressed the need for constant self-improvement and adaptability. The world changes rapidly, and so must entrepreneurs if they want to remain relevant.

At the start of this year I created my own motto: Embrace Growth, Seek Knowledge, Lead with Purpose. My goal is to be a constant learner, evolving into a mindful and inspiring leader, shaping a brighter future for myself and those I guide. I have created weekly goals to become a mindful and inspiring leader, and that includes reading a chapter a week.

It is a simple goal is easy to accomplish, but my goal has also allowed me to seek knowledge.

"Are you ready to change for the next 10, 20, 30 years? Constantly. I am changing constantly trying to evolve, to adapt to the market to the challenges to the people I work with." - Bartosz Skwarczek

Delivering on Promises

One critical question Bartosz believes entrepreneurs should ask themselves is whether they can deliver on their promises. He illustrated this with an example from G2A’s journey in cybersecurity. Despite internal successes and investments, external perception lagged. Persistent effort over several years eventually led to recognition as a secure e-commerce platform.

A good article that discusses the importance of accurate forecasting in a business context, particularly focusing on how it impacts personal credibility and resource management, comes from Forbes "Why You Should Under Promise And Over Deliver -- But Not By Too Much".

It describes the challenge of balancing forecasts for different stakeholders: presenting conservative estimates to senior leadership to exceed targets, while providing realistic middle-range forecasts to product supply teams to maintain accuracy.

The article emphasizes the importance of understanding and revising inherited forecasts, especially when assuming a new leadership role. It warns against consistently under-promising to maximize bonuses, as this can harm business operations and personal reputation. Ultimately, the article advises maintaining credibility by making accurate forecasts that align with business needs and long-term success.

"Can you deliver? Because at the end of the day, it is all about moving something from point A to point B." - Bartosz Skwarczek

Real-World Examples and Personal Stories

I shared my personal experience of podcasting, relating it to the entrepreneurial journey. I compared it to riding a skateboard: full of scrapes and bruises initially, but requiring continuous effort to keep moving forward. The rewards, though delayed, eventually come, much like the satisfaction of a perfectly executed skateboarding trick.

"It's a lot of scrapes and bruises... but it's those moments of gliding, just being there. Those are the moments we live for, right as an entrepreneur." - Gabriel Flores

The Future of

Looking ahead, Bartosz revealed G2A’s plans to expand beyond gaming into other digital realms. The company aims to have 50% of its offerings in non-gaming digital items within the next few years. They also plan to focus on key markets like the United States, Spain, and Germany, with local presence and activities to support communities.

"We are changing ourselves from being only a gaming company to becoming a very all-digital company." - Bartosz Skwarczek

Final Thoughts

Bartosz ended the interview by encouraging entrepreneurs to inspire others. He acknowledged the leaders who inspired him in his early days and urged experienced entrepreneurs to do the same for the next generation.

"Inspire others because they will be growing thanks to you." - Bartosz Skwarczek


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