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Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from Pitch Latino 2023

Last night was nothing short of epic as we gathered at the stunning Redd on Salmon for the Latino Founders nonprofit's Pitch Latino 2023 event. An evening filled with innovation, determination, and community spirit, it's with great excitement that we bring you a quick recap of the extraordinary highlights.

Community Support in Action

A resounding applause goes to the Oregon Community Foundation's Latino Partnership Program and Prosper Portland, who stepped forward with incredible generosity. Their substantial contributions of $200,000 and $125,000, respectively, will undoubtedly propel the transformative work of Latino Founders in our community.

Pioneering Pitches: A Showcase of Talent

Nine Latino entrepreneurs took the stage, presenting a diverse array of innovative ideas that reflected the richness of talent within our community. The entrepreneurial spirit shone through as each participant demonstrated remarkable determination, creativity, and resilience. The lineup included:

1. Love Preferred Coffee

2. Loco Por La Aventura

3. Parra Wine

4. Life Stages

5. Ballroom

6. Nico Ice Cream

7. Barro

8. 360 Sierra

9. Future Gen

These entrepreneurs showcased not only their projects but also the vibrancy and dynamism of the Latino entrepreneurial landscape. As a token of support, each participant received a grant of $2,500, providing a crucial boost for their endeavors. The spotlight, however, shone brightly on Barro, securing the grand prize—a $10,000 grant. This marks just the beginning of their promising journey towards success.

Empowering Through Acceleration

Beyond the Pitch Latino event, the Latino Founders nonprofit operates a Business Accelerator program, a 12-week initiative offering support to Latino entrepreneurs. This program, which covers business modeling, finance, and prototyping, is industry-agnostic, fostering a diverse range of businesses. Paired with hand-selected mentors, participants gain access to valuable resources crucial for launching and scaling their ventures.

The 2023 cohort comprises a dynamic group of individuals:

- Barro

- Future Gen

- Altitude Beverage

- Millennial Reach Agency

- Parra Wine Co.

- Ballroom

- Pro One Fitness

The Latino Founders nonprofit is proud to stand beside these entrepreneurs on their exciting journey toward success.

A Commitment to Innovation and Empowerment

At its core, Latino Founders is dedicated to fostering innovation, supporting Latino entrepreneurs, and empowering them to reach new heights. Their work is a testament to dedication and passion, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible impact these initiatives will have on our community.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the achievements of our local Latino entrepreneurs. Your support is instrumental in shaping a brighter future for these trailblazers and the community at large.

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