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A Business Education Podcast Interviewing Entrepreneurs  

Latino Founders Accelerator accepting applications
Gabriel Flores on CEO Wisdom
9 Portland-area entrepreneurs compete for startup funds at Pitch Latino; meet their businesses
Gabriel Flores on Mildly Interesting People
Gabriel Flores on Barlow McCarthy
Gabriel Flores on Fan Girl Hour

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What are your routines?

What has business taught you?

Host Gabriel Flores pictured at the Pitch Latino event in Portland, Oregon 2023

Founder & Creative Director, Creatively Insane

President & Co-Founder, Latino Founders 

Host, The Shades of Entrepreneurship™

Past-President, American Association of Physician Liaisons 


Before the pandemic, like many others, I had big plans for my future. I'd been in the healthcare game for nearly two decades, jumping through different roles until I landed a position in the Strategy Outreach department where I have been focused on outreach, marketing, business development, and strategy for the past ten years, before eventually deciding attend Syracuse University's Whitman School of Business for grad school.


But then, bam! The pandemic hit, and my dreams took a detour. Suddenly, in-person learning was out, and online studies became the new normal. So, from the comfort of my home, I traded classroom vibes for deep dives into case studies from the Harvard Business Review and other reads. I got all up in the triumphs and struggles of entrepreneurs, all while watching the pandemic mess with my community of business-minded folks.


Driven by a burning love for my community, I set out on a mission to start a podcast. This bad boy would shine a spotlight on the toughness of entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. Instead of just reading about these folks, I wanted to chat with them directly, uncovering their one-of-a-kind stories. My guests aren't just the big shots; I'm talking small business owners, startups, local mom-and-pop joints, and sometimes even big-shot entrepreneurs known nationwide. These guys and gals have not only blown up their businesses but have also danced through the maze of the stock market, sticking around as successful entrepreneurs.


"The Shades of Entrepreneurship" is all about making noise for our local economy in the Pacific Northwest. Through my chats, I want to give you the lowdown on the varied stories of entrepreneurs who've shaped our economic scene. If you're itching for some practical business ideas, this podcast is your go-to for inspiration and knowledge, knitting together the tales of our local entrepreneurial spirit.


Jump in now to get a handpicked batch of business wisdom straight from The Shades of Entrepreneurship podcast chats, giving you a sneak peek into the wild world of entrepreneurship, kinda like THIS, and THIS, and even THIS.

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Oregon Health & Sciences University is an academic medical center in Portland, Oregon
John L. Scott is a real estate firm based in the Pacific Northwest
Latino Founders is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) business accelerator and pitch competition program
Gabriel Flores | Owner of Creatively Insane
Gabriel Flores | Host of The Shades of Entrepreneurship
Artist Savina Monet
American Association of Physician Liaison is a national professional network
Juntos PDX is a A platform created to connect the latin hispanic community to their roots
STLHD GEAR is a quality fishing clothing and apparel brand
SAIF is Oregon’s not-for-profit workers' comp insurance company
Public Speaker Gabriel Flores presents on creating a healthcare outreach strategy
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