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Precious Hannah

@0:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Welcome to the shades of entrepreneurship. This is your host, Mr. Gabriel Flores. Today I'm here with Precious. Precious, how are we doing?

@0:10 - Precious Hannah

I'm good.

@0:10 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

How are you doing? I'm excited because your candles are phenomenal. I was, we were talking about this before we jumped on the air.

I got some upstairs. I've been all over these things, but first I'm gonna go ahead and before we start talking about the candle game, go ahead and give the world who, who, go and introduce yourself.

@0:29 - Precious Hannah

Who is Precious? Hey, I am Precious. I am the owner and founder of Mr. O'Kazy Central's, Portland's favorite candle maker, Bob Curator.

Yeah, that's me. That's me. Facts, like just straight facts.

@0:46 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That's me. That's, that's, that's Precious. And in fact, if you want, I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you actually have candle making workshops.

@0:56 - Precious Hannah

I do. I do. You can actually come in the shop. The pot is always hot. You come in. anytime I make a candle, yeah, create your own vibe.

I strongly believe in that because it's like, I create the vibes that I want to share with people, but I think it's very important for people to come in and create whatever vibe that they want in their own houses, you know?

@1:15 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, no, I feel that now let's talk. Let's talk a little bit about Mr.

@1:18 - Precious Hannah

OK, essentially what is it? So Mr. OK's essential is a modern home care brand, specializing in not only candles, but out of butter, soaps, room sprays.

We just want to make you feel at home. You know, we want to bring luxury to your spot at a reasonable price.

Price one is key.

@1:46 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, you know, I love what you said, modern home care brand.

@1:52 - Precious Hannah

Yeah, that's what we are. It fits the fit the brand very well. Thank you.

@1:59 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Thank you. You know, you mentioned no pricing is key.

@2:02 - Precious Hannah

Why is that so important? So I'll say this. Um, when I first started Mr. OK, Z centrals, um, I started Mr.

OK, Z central six months after I had on it. So the company is named after my son, his name's on his king and we call him Mr.

OK. And a lot of people don't talk about this, especially like, um, women with postpartum, having the child. Before you have a kid, you can go out, you buy whatever you want to.

There's no time restraints kind of. Um, it's like all about you when it comes to like self, self care.

I'm going to go get an ice coffee. I go get an ice coffee. I'm not thinking about like what what my kid needs because I don't have any.

Um, after I had on it, there were things that I had to cut out. Things that I didn't know that I needed to cut out or not even know.

It was just that it was so used to me having them that it felt like not having them felt some type of way because of the.

price point. So I felt like a part of me was leaving and I was embarking on this new chapter and I didn't know how to embark on this new chapter because I had never been here before.

So having a reasonable price point is very key to me because I want to make sure that the product is accessible to people period.

No matter what type of income you have coming, I want to make sure that you are able to be able to buy a room spray or some soap or even a candle, a body butter and not feel like, man, I could have used that money towards X, Y and Z.

@3:35 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You mentioned that, you know, this brand is actually named after your son, Onyx, and you kind of talked about the starting of it.

Give us the full photo. Give us a picture. Why did you start it?

@3:48 - Precious Hannah

How did you start this brand? So basically the brand was started. I was very worried about what kind of shoes he was going to wear, what kind of clothes and putting his fingers inside of sockets, and not necessarily what we were burning in the morning.

in our house, which is a bioprotolium product. I mean, you necessarily, you don't know because you just go to the store, you wanna get a candle, you know, to set the mood, something that goes with the vibe of your house, and you're just thinking, it's a candle, why would it be harmful?

But a lot of these candles have like false fates and petroleum and just crazy amounts of things in them.

And I remember sitting there one day after buying a candle from the local store. And being like, what are that black stuff coming off the candle?

Like, what is that? And I don't know what happens when you become a parent, but something chemically in your brain just switches on and it's like, wait, what's in this?

Like you're looking at ingredients, you're looking, you're just paying attention to so much stuff that you didn't really care about before.

But yeah, I had that question. I started looking up research and realizing... that a lot of the candles that we were burning were paraffin, which is a biopatrolium product.

And that switching to soy would actually be better. It would eliminate a lot of toxins that the paraffin candle was giving off.

Also, our candles are, they have cedar wooden wicks. And the reason why we use that is because not only does it help with the longevity of the candle, our candles burning 50 to 60 hours and nine ounce.

It also creates a vibe. You know, you got a little crackle in the background. It helps purify your air in a sense.

And it doesn't it doesn't leave soot. A lot of candles have aluminum in the inside of the cotton wick, which can't introduce your body to Alzheimer's and dementia.

So we wanted to make sure that if we're giving a clean product, we wanted to make it as clean as we could.

And that's how it mainly because Amix was having some. eczema, being out here in Oregon, we wanted to make sure that we address that quickly.

And then that kind of led into the body butters, which was also cool. And then now, recently we started doing room spray, mainly because a lot of our consumers were like, I can't burn, I love your candles, but I can't burn a candle in my house or my apartment because I'm a college student or I simply don't trust myself burning a candle because what I call a sleep.

We've had people just say, I just want something super quick. So why not just create something by consumer demand where they can just go and spray real quick and you got to vibe.

@6:44 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

And I love that. And I got to tell you folks that this sense are phenomenal but also having nowhere with all, you kind of mentioned it, right?

Looking at consumer, what is a consumer demand want and vertically integrated into that space. But also, you know, I've had certain folks create was a great example of a skin product, you know, again, with an entrepreneur who focused on he needed this skin product.

So he focused on it, right? And for folks that are listening, they probably a lot of folks shop at Target.

Just today, Target had a huge candle recall, several thousand candles because the glass on those three full, I think there are three holes or the can threshold, I think they're called maybe, they're candle brand, right?

The glass to your point precious, the material that they're using, the glass had the unfortunate, they had the possibilities of breaking and shattering, right?

And that's crazy.

@7:40 - Precious Hannah

Yeah, I mean, they always tell you, you know, make sure you run your candle for four hours or less.

But sometimes you just being a move or just vibing that you forget that four hours has passed. And depending on what type of glass it is, the glass can expand and yeah.

@7:55 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

So you don't you don't want that issue nor problem in your house. Yeah. Yeah, no, not it. And it's kind of.

Why don't you mentioned you see the black, you know, start to come up from the candles and you start thinking it's like having a small little campfire in your house.

@8:09 - Precious Hannah


@8:10 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

We don't think about that. That's just a candle.

@8:14 - Precious Hannah

Now, is this your first business? This is, in fact, my first business. Actually, no, you know what? Yeah, you know what?

This is my first real business. I'll say that. I love the real business. You know, I have a couple of side hustles, but this is my official first business.

I started off with wallets and wallets were super cool. I was doing them by hand cutting everything, like stippling, hand sewing, and I was like, this is taking too long.

I don't, this is not, this is not it. They were beautiful wallets. But literally, I think maybe a year after I dabble with

Was that that's when Mr. OK is essential?

@9:02 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Why the pivot? Was it just because the Onyx was born?

@9:08 - Precious Hannah

Was that kind of primary pivot? Yeah, I mean, to be completely honest with you, I would I, as myself, would have never thought that I would be pouring candles or creating any type of home brand.

I always knew I wanted to do something in home, but never. Candles. My whole thing was. I thought I was going to be designing like sinks and trash cans, because I love stuff like that.

Home appliances, but not necessarily something where a consumer is going in experiencing something that they could change out whenever they wanted to.

@9:42 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Where does this passion for design come from?

@9:47 - Precious Hannah

I've been in art for very well, designed specifically for a very, very long time. My art career started in middle school.

It's great. that kind of led into me going to one of Miami's, I'm from Miami by the way. I'm from you.

Yeah, now Ohio Miami.

@10:09 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Miami's part of y'all.

@10:13 - Precious Hannah

You never know, people be like Ohio.

@10:17 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I'm like, how do you?

@10:18 - Precious Hannah

It was Miami in a while. Y'all know Miami, Florida. Ended up going to one of the top top product design schools, high schools in Miami, which is design and architecture singer high, which introduced me to product design.

So I started my product design career in 10th grade. That led me to be featured in Art Basel, 20, sorry, 2008, which was crazy to be 17 and featured in Art Basel.

That then led to me going to Detroit to go to one of the top industrial design colleges, College for Creative Studies, which led me to

starting my career as a footwear designer at Nike. And I was at Nike for nine and a half years.

@11:05 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Wow, that's just the most unique, awesome, coolest, upbringing ever. Like being able to really focus on like product development at the sophomore year in high school.

@11:20 - Precious Hannah

Yeah, it was hard. Like I think there was a lot of giving go with it. And with that being said, like in high school, we didn't have like a basketball team, more football team, or none of that.

It was like, yo, we got this art thing going on.

@11:35 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You coming? But yeah, it was way different.

@11:46 - Precious Hannah

It was super different being one just predominantly surrounded by individuals who didn't particularly look like me because the school the school was predominantly white.

So being in the school. coming from a school that was predominantly black, then shifting to a school that was predominantly white, and then going to a school that was even more predominantly white, it was like, okay, okay, this is, this is different.

The art scene is just different. But yeah, it definitely prepared me for a lot of things. The design of the store, the design of the packaging, the design of the story, everything is curated.

So I appreciate it.

@12:31 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Man, I love that you've really kind of pointed that out is everything has to be curated, right? You want to have a story to draw folks in.

You're not creating value. You're essentially exploiting what they believe is valuable, right? You're not really creating anything. They already have their values and they believe in what's valuable.

You're just trying to find out what that is. And as you mentioned earlier, the customer demand and kind of focusing on that, right?

Now what? During that pivot, you mentioned from wallets now going to candles. You're starting to know a formal business.

@13:08 - Precious Hannah

What are some of the things that you learned during that time? And you're like, wow, I didn't know how to do this.

Yo, I'm just going to say this off back. Entrepreneurship is not for the week. Period. It is not for the week.

There are a whole bunch of things that I had to learn. One labels. Labels are so important. Oh my goodness.

I cannot stress to you how important a great label is because you could have the best design ever. When you put a paper label on your product and you continuously have people picking it up and touching it and all of a sudden.

You and you don't even have no letters on your product because all of the letters are gone. Yeah. I had to learn that real quick.

@14:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Real quick. That was like, wait, hello, why is why you got black ink on it? It's rubbing off.

@14:05 - Precious Hannah

Okay. Yeah, I had to learn that real quick. March jens also had to learn that real quick because you didn't be out here making the greatest product.

But if your margins don't make sense, you're not making money. Therefore, you just out here giving away whatever you give in the way.

Also, I think what a lot of people forget is customer service. That is key eye contact and smile will go a long way listening to people.

Even if they're telling you about their dog and it has nothing to do with Anything that you are doing.

Customer service goes a long way. People just want to know that you care, especially if they're investing in your product.

They just want to know that And that's do care about not only what you're giving them about whatever it is talking about, you care, be responsive, communication.

So yeah, those are the three big things. And showing up, you have to show up. You cannot have a business and not show up.

So yeah.

@15:15 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Those are great points. And I like through your business, how it allows the end user to come in and create their own candles as well.

Because I think that goes back to that inspiration, right, the value, right, trying to get folks to send in that value.

Now, what would you say has been the most difficult aspect of starting your own business?

@15:38 - Precious Hannah

Time. I do not have enough time. Time is a big thing. I'm pretty good with time management. I would say if it's not on the calendar, it's not getting done.

That's my thing. If it is not on the calendar, it's not getting done. If I didn't write it down, it will not get done.

But time, mainly because I need to. to that such a pivotal age. And although I am building this brand for him, I would never want him to feel like I was never there because I was building or spending so much time doing this.

Because I mean, he's just six years old is like hard. You're starting school, you're in kindergarten, you're doing this, this is happening, you're playing games.

So much, you're learning so much stuff. And I just want him to feel like, you know, yeah, mom who's there?

I remember mom being there. So I think that's the biggest thing for me is like having enough time and not having mom guilt.

When it's like, I have to do a show like, oh shit, I gotta go do this show. Does Onyx have anything going on?

Okay, I feel good, I feel all right, I can go do it. So yeah, that has been the biggest thing, time.

@16:50 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That's a great point. I think a lot of folks struggle with me, myself included. My goal has always been to be able to, you know, we kind of briefly talked about it, the finances.

the cost of candle not being able to have some of those things at some time. My goal throughout life is being able to financially tell my kids no and not have to tell my kids no, right?

Being able to have the financial ability to say, yeah, we can't get that, but there are a few things you got to do first.

You got to completely already got to put it where the dish is, you got to do some things. But having that ability into your point to the time management is so important.

I mentioned it on my LinkedIn page not too long ago. It's just like the generational impact you'll have on our families will last 99% longer than the impact you'll have in your career.

And what I mean by that is, and you have a kid that have two kids, you know, and our kids when they have kids, they're going to tell their kids how great their parents were.

Exactly. And then hopefully their kids are going to tell their kids how great their grandparents were. And then hopefully we become great grandparents if we're able to live that long.

That's a probability of three generational impact. And when we have a career, like my career in healthcare, I could start a whole new division and a whole new hospital and do a lot of amazing things.

And then somebody else will come in five, 10 years later, and they'll re image the entire department. And so that impact is gone.

Right. And so just just being, being mindful of that entrepreneurs, the folks that are listening is, Hey, work hard, play hard, spend more time with them.


@18:29 - Precious Hannah

Yes. And spend spend spend as much time as you can with family. Yeah, because it's just you is, it's a lot of value in having your own company.

It's a lot of value in creating your own brand. But the value fades if you don't have anyone to share it with or someone to be happy that you have done or accomplish something that you were trying to accomplish.

@18:54 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

So I take them, take them along on a ride, you know, I completely agree. I completely agree. Now, let's flip the

question, hasn't it been easy about entrepreneurship?

@19:04 - Precious Hannah

Yeah, you know what?

@19:07 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You love about entrepreneurship? I will say that you let up real quick. Then network.

@19:15 - Precious Hannah

Oh my goodness. The love, especially in Portland, the love is real out here for small businesses. I had no clue.

I had no clue. People show up. They show up. And I'm so grateful for everyone who has shown up for me, not only at the store, but at vendor shows that I've done.

People love co-labs. This year has been very pivotal for me because this is my actual first year of being immersed completely in the business and really having to make hard decisions.

And if I'm trying to figure out a decision and I don't necessarily know what to do, I can call one of my other entrepreneur homies and listen.

through the walk through it, have very open conversations and know that there is no judgment. And it's like, you know what, you were right.

I should look at it from this perspective or is there any books I should read? Like the resources are endless and it's it's such it's such a breath of fresh air because one you are staring at your own ship.

You know, yo, if a girl went out and gas, hey, can you can you light me up real quick?

Yeah, I got you. I got you. This is what you need to do. This is how you should do it.

I love that.

@20:38 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Like I absolutely love that. I love the networking. I love the love. The love is real. Yeah, the vibe in Oregon is it's and I think it's that hopefully it's crosses the whole state because I feel like it's certainly in the Portland metro area, the area that we've been focusing on quite a bit recently.

But man, everybody comes out the woodworks, willing to help out truly, truly. I'm in the amount of people that have been on the show as well.

I've just kind of emphasized that as well. It's just, it's just amazing. Now, how do you build the brand?

How do you build? You know, you mentioned now this year, you've been like full force this year. How do you build a candle brand in Portland?

@21:14 - Precious Hannah

You got to be focused. You got to be focused and you got to want it. Um, a lot of people want to do a lot of things, but they don't want to take this stuff to do it.

And I never really looked at that until I was having a conversation with Ian from Deadstock. And, um, I remember when I was getting ready to resign from my, uh, my last career, he was like, what are you doing today?

No, we had a conversation before and I was like, yo, I really want to get into this candle thing.

He was like, okay. Well, you don't have to make some steps. I was like, yeah, I'm going to make the steps.

He was like, okay. Two weeks later, I went to Deadstock and he was like, so what are you doing today?

And I was like, I'm going to resign because I want to go full fledged into it. And he was like, looking at me like, yo, whoa.

But we just had this conversation. You're about to do it. I'm like, yeah. And he said that to me, people say a lot of things, but they don't do it.

It takes them years or months, or there's an excuse to why they can't do it even though they want to do it.

It's, yeah, you got to be ready. I would also say, you just need the plan. I kind of went into it without a plan plan.

I knew who I had something. So that's why I say you got to be focused. I knew I had something with candles.

I knew that nobody on the Pacific Northwest was doing what I was doing. I knew that no one had the story that I had.

I knew, I just knew that my product was different. So my main thing was like, OK, how do I bring people on the journey with me?

How do I show them? This is not just a candle. It's an experience because you can go by a candle anywhere else.

But this, even if I. I make the candle when you go home, you're going to experience something that you have never experienced with a different with another candle company period.

So that that has been the focus. And create and vibe, you know, you guys who have been to show are set up never looks the same.

Never. Mainly because one, I want to create an experience, but two, I don't want people or consumers to feel like, oh, I've already seen that already because you haven't.

Even if it's the same thing, you haven't seen it. Even if you've heard about it, you haven't seen it.

So come back over here, come like, come talk to me, come see, come check it out. That's always been my thing.

Like, it's more than what you think it is. You have to come experience it. Enjoy the vibe, you know, enjoy it.

@23:48 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I love it. I love it. And it's, you know, I think I did this on another show or talked about this book.

I'm already this book, a plane to win the marketing strategy book and they're talking about Oriel, right? and they're talking about how they diversified and they pivoted when they did their whole prize point and it's just so interesting to you.

I love hearing you're speaking and because it's like you truly understand it's it's we're starting to move into this consumer experience world.

Right. I think previously it was very much marketing marketing marketing. Now it's like consumer experience and and you really are understanding it and you're really targeting that by.

As you mentioned several times creating the vibe right let people in and I again folks I'm not I'm not trying to sell you on anything.

But these candles are dope they smell phenomenal like they last for a long time. I still have like precious house private your spot with like what was it I can't remember it's probably three months ago four months.

March March you came from March. Yeah. March and I. Man that thing is still cruising and it's it's we're we're in we're in the middle of somewhere almost in summer now.

And so. Again, I'm not trying to both you just got to check out the spot. It's good now. Let's speak speaking of who was your ideal customer?

@25:08 - Precious Hannah

To be completely honest with you my ideal customer is who everyone's to experience what I'm bringing to the table.

Um, I think from being at a brand where we talked about the consumer and the ideal person to come and get it.

One thing that I realized as I was doing stuff like that is that you could tell many other people off that you didn't even know who would probably be interested in it.

And the reason why I say this is because by having a brick and mortar the people who I would think will come in the shop are not the people who come in the shop.

And that's like being a hundred percent which you like it's not is I get the people who come in the shop is just a vast variety of individuals.

And they all say the same thing. Wow, this is dope. Your shop is so nice. This candle is great.

So it's like, I can't say that I have an ideal consumer who is an actual person of being at from age X to Y.

My ideal person or individual is whomever comes into the store and they receive what I'm giving them. That's what it is.

@26:24 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I love it. I love it. Now, through this moment of growth and, you know, transition to entrepreneurship, you mentioned you're talking to Ena with Deadstock and two weeks later, come back, it's like, you know, I'm doing it.

Yep. Have you ever had a moment of self-doubt?

@26:41 - Precious Hannah

It definitely comes when I, uh, I went through like, what is the seven, seven stages of depression? Yep. I put my job.

I was like, uh, yeah, I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna do this. And then I was like, wait, wait, well, where's your plan?

It's like, I don't need no plan. You got this. And then it was like, okay, we are. What are we doing?

Like, what, how did, what are we doing? But then honestly, I just got to a point where I was like, yo, you love your dream career, right?

Because you saw something over here. They always say that the grass is not greener on the other side. But you made the decision to leave where the grass was green.

So it's time for you, even if you are in this crappy situation, this crappy lot. I always looked at it as a lot.

If you are in this crappy lot, you see weeds over there and it needs to be plowed and you need new soil.

You got to get dirty. And I just looked at it from that perspective like, okay, well, I got this crappy lot.

Let me go get my shovel. Let me put on my boots. Let me put on my overalls and I just got to get to work so I can build a foundation.

Once I have this foundation built, I pour my concrete, I lay it down. And then I'll just build and build.

and build on top of it. So that's honestly, that's exactly how I looked at it. Like, my grass gonna be green over here regardless.

I don't care what your grass look like. The grass gonna be it's gonna be green and we gonna have buildings on it.

Man, that is a beautiful analogy.

@28:16 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That is amazing. That's great. Now, what are we planning to build? What is precious gonna build the next five years?

@28:23 - Precious Hannah

I'm just I'm trying to I'm trying to get to an experience where people come in and not only do they create the vibe of their immersive in it fully with no technology.

We're removing cell phones. You can have your cell phone with you but we're gonna ask that you really be present.

You said something previously about the consumers wanting to be engaged, right? I think a lot of that has come from the pandemic just being inside of the house for two and a half years, two years with just yourself and having to learn.

kind of yourself in your partner and your kids because you couldn't necessarily leave when you wanted to. And while we were there, we were so connected to the internet because that was the only community that we had.

That was only form of contact. But now that we are out more, we're still connected to it. But I'm driving across the street and dude, don't even look up to see if our car coming.

@29:21 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I'm like, yo, bro, it is.

@29:23 - Precious Hannah

I got the green light and you walking across the street with not a carrot. You didn't even look up once.

Like, so I think disconnecting and becoming one with yourself in this. This curated room that you get to choose that you want to be in, whether this room brings a great memories and you just want to immerse yourself in it.

Or this room makes you think about what you want to do with your life and how you want to proceed, proceed in it.

That's the next step that I'm going into, especially with these candles, because Pictures on the planet, brilliant scent positivity.

And if I can get people to, you know, be one in one with themselves and clear on their journey, then I'm happy with that.

@30:10 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

And it's beautiful. And it's true. Again, I can't say enough about these candles. I think they are truly relaxing.

And it's true. It's your, you're creating a scent, right? You're creating a moment, a relaxation or a mood, right?

You're truly setting the vibe. Now, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs or folks that are currently in the game now?

Some advice maybe that's been handed down to you.

@30:36 - Precious Hannah

Do it. What Nike say? Just do it. Just do it. Like, I once read this quote that said, you're 28 is going to take you four years to get your degree.

And four years, you'll be 32, but you don't want to do it. But in four years, you're still going to be 32, regardless if you get your degree or if you don't get it.

And the reason why I say that. is because even if you keep saying, oh, I'm gonna do it tomorrow, tomorrow's still gonna come, but you haven't made no stuff to do what you need to do.

I'm gonna do it next week, next week's still gonna come, but you're still gonna be looking like, oh, you're gonna have every excuse so why you didn't do it?

And to each of you, you know what your excuse is, but you just need to do it. And if you fell hard and fell fast, but get back up and do it again.

Because failure is the only way that you're gonna lead to success. That's how I feel.

@31:34 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Man, pressure's got me over here.

@31:36 - Precious Hannah

Trying to run through a goddamn wall.

@31:38 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I'm gonna have a problem. Let's go, baby, let's go.

@31:41 - Precious Hannah

Man, I love it.

@31:43 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I do it. Man, I've been telling folks, I'm telling these folks, you know, I've never felt a day in my life.

I either learned or I succeed because even in these moments of failure, you know, take those opportunities of learning.

And we all have that imposter syndrome, right? We feel like we're going through a room and like, man, I feel like I'm the, there's a lot of smart people.

@32:00 - Precious Hannah

one of the smart of the night no take the opportunity to make that a lot of smart people in here I can't wait to learn from everybody that's that the truly is you each individually have something you really unique to bring and and we hope you know we're just kinda trying to help you bring it out of you that's all we're trying to do absolutely yeah you just do it man just don't make no more excuses no more student that's a difference truly between an entrepreneur and in the and anybody else is entrepreneur just goes out and does it yeah you have to it's like why not like like why not like why not just go and do it if you look at it from perspective like if you have a job right now right you had to go fill out an application because you needed to eat it's the same thing is just that you don't have to answer to nobody the only person you answer into is yourself so yeah just go do it yeah go do it go do it I like it now for the folks that are interested in finding more information about you trying to find the candles working they find you on the Internet what's

website where can we learn more about you? So you can get all of these vibes at Mr. Crawford, Mr.

M-I-S-T-E-R. Okay, essentials. Also on the ground at Mr. okay's essentials and if you are in the Portland metro area come see your girl look us up on Google before you come because you know hours be changing but um yeah come see me I'll be there yeah she's all I swear she's always there and you know if you guys need to this is a great time for me to plug the newsletter this information will be on the newsletter please visit the shades of to subscribe for the newsletter you can also follow me on the social sites on e.

@34:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

We also have TikTok what's I'll try to do a little bit better about I think you need to start out sourcing some of this work But man precious.

@34:07 - Precious Hannah

Thank you so much for coming on the show. Is there any last words you want to say to the listeners?

Now I just I appreciate it. Thank you for having me. Thank you for having me on here to share my story Um, I appreciate all the love that has come from you know portland here in Oregon in all over of the United States Uh if y'all listening to this You know like he said support the e the newsletter, okay Yeah We give it we give in gems so so I'm telling you that's pre-education out here folks like like she said you 28 32 that 32 gonna come It's a great way to learn how to do something Precious and I thank you again so much.

@34:48 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Uh, mr Okay, essentials, please check them out over on our birdish tree on again You can go ahead and check them out on their website or visit the shades of and go ahead and visit the uh subscribe

to the newsletter and we'll get the information out there. Precious, thank you again so much for those listening. Thank you and have a great night.

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