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Jor-El Benjamin

@1:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

weeks ago, we had a just a gnarly ice storm. I mean, it took us out of power for five days.

I came home busted water pipes, you know, flooded, flooded basement. mean, I am thankful for the weather today.

@1:13 -

Yeah, I would it definitely seems like somebody's running the half machine on overdrive the moment, but even all of the weather pattern, it could be global warming, apparently some is if the thing apparently or it's not, I never know.

don't do science. So I have no idea. But either way, the weather really sucks.

@1:32 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

And I do wish it was a lot of sun. Yeah, because you know, I could do with some sunshine right now, my time.

We could all do for some sunshine now. Now, JB is with a cryo tech winner. We're going to get into that shortly.

But first, JB, give us a little background. the CEO and founder of CrowdTech, which we're going get into here shortly.

we'll talk about what that is. But first, we'd love to get to who is JB.

@1:54 -

Tell us give us a little background. Okay, well, I was born on a council estate in Berlin. I'm in the Midlands, so technically I'm a Peaky Blinder because I grew up in Boisley and boys you guys grew up in.

@2:06 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I'm glad that you're giving that references to this because people are now like, oh, OK, oh, Peaky Blinders.

@2:11 -

Just in Peaky Blinders, Peaky Blinders is probably the easiest.

@2:15 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Actually, oh my god, that's unbelievable. Rum is actually on the map because of Peaky Blinders. Yeah.

@2:20 -

So if watch Peaky Blinders, I'm a brummy. I'm one of those guys just without the stabbing, shooting element and the kind of horrific brummy accent as well.

Luckily enough, I had a mother who was from Bristol. She believed in the three-ars style of education. So I was taught the King's English as it was once known.

And I was taught reading, writing, arithmetic. I was reading Baudryard and Descartes by the time I was five and six writing essays on Shakespeare, critical thinking and analysis of Shakespearean plays.

we didn't really have a childhood as such. It was more of a, my sister and I were kind of more just constantly educated.

It's just tiny for hours bombarded with knowledge and data. We didn't get Christmas presents and toys. We got microscopes, chemistry sets and telescopes and we better learn how to use it.

So heavy physics, heavy focus on science. My mother wanted me to be a physicist. I learned a lot about physics.

I actually love physics, love quantum mechanics. It's still to this day, one of my favorite subjects. But as is always the case, one has incredibly overbearing parents.

You go in completely the opposite direction. So I started off going to be a filmmaker instead. That did not work out great because here in Britain, if you're going to make get money for funding films, unless you're self-funded, it's going to fit into two categories.

You'll either get funding for films which feature Hugh Grant or some other bumbling idiot going, it's all about that.

You go, or you get funding to make films which is about, oh, I'll train it, because it's about black teens, bang, bang, and all that kind of stereotypical, absolute, top boy nonsense that is.

I represent a top. to be pitching mid-journey before mid-journey was a thing, kind of a thing. But I generally got told by everybody that I was a lunatic, that the technology didn't exist.

Then we were essentially away with that kind of AIGB. Oh, just stay in your lane, focus on stuff that's more, why don't you teach the marketing?

Yeah, that kind of stuff is that's not me. So after leaving university, I went straight into the 3D animation and I kept very focused on adaptive AI.

I would love to pretend that Vox Messenger and the creation of the world's first post-quantum encrypted messenger was done deliberately.

Oh, what an amazing story that would be.

@5:39 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

No, it wasn't.

@5:40 -

Like so many people like me, I was suffering baby mama problems like a mobile. I have four children or by the same amazing woman.

Unfortunately, not everything was amazing. So I've had to fight through course and lots of it. Have, you know, I see my children for like years at a time.

By the way, that all has a happy ending. All four children now live with me. including my youngest son, Cal L.

So actually, I just didn't want to end up like all those other guys fighting through court for their children.

I didn't want to end up an alcoholic, a drug addict, a womanizer, or one of these guys that dresses as Batman and jumps off bridges claiming to be fathers for justice.

mean, I may have the Batman tattoo and I did name my son, Cal L, but there are certain levels of insanity I won't go near.

So I decided, what am I going to do? I decided to do an app. I built an app which was ostensibly built for myself originally because I actually looked at everything wrong in the industry that I was not happy with in my own form of communications and set out to build something different.

So that's why I chose the strongest encryption algorithms available and the reason they're called post quantum, by the way, is a beautiful buzz word.

Don't just love it. Post quantum. You're so futuristic.

@6:50 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You're so like a marvel, something like, yeah, like I'm going to the Marvel Universe.

@6:54 -

You're very Disney Marvel-owned, doesn't it?

@7:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That's great product placement for those watching on YouTube phenomenal product placement.

@7:05 -

Yes, and this don't pay me anything. The problem with these kinds of things is as we have seen from Cambridge Analytica, we've seen from Facebook, we have seen from WhatsApp, we have seen from Signal if we do our research.

Not one of them seems to be completely honest with us with what they do with our data. The promise is we will give you services free that you can trust and believe and protect you and your digital privacy.

Yeah, this is amazing. But the reality is they sell it all like that to make money from ads and these ads then just get retargeted at you wherever you go.

So many of us have had the experience of speaking on WhatsApp but in what we believe is an encrypted and protected conversation talking about, I don't know, for the less esoteric of us maybe not talking about Glock 19s and Glock 28s and stuff like that but maybe just talking about trainers and as soon as you go on to your...

Facebook or go to Google, you're all of a sun seeing ads for these trainers. Now, as somebody who works in end-to-end encryption, I can honestly tell you that if your data is being end-to-end encrypted, this is not possible.

Just as the same as you cannot edit a message that has been truly end-to-end encrypted because in order for you to edit something that has already been encrypted and the key has already been set for, you would have to decrypt it, create a new keyboard and then re-encrypt it.

What's happened not doing that? So, it's fairly, there are lots of things that gave me red flags and indicators that people were not quite being upfront.

Now, because we the consumer, now absolutely nothing about security and encryption because we spent the longest time believing that the Zuckerbergs and the Musk's will protect us and, yeah, we most people do not realize these things which are to me fairly basic.

So, I thought, I'm going to build my messenger, I'm going to build it with the strongest level of encryption possible.

And I would much rather... But I don't know. Walk with my, you know, crawl with my bare belly across glass, then give any of this up to any government or corporate entity, especially without a wallet, any form of warrant or denotists, which are the instruments which are used to extract information from company, tech companies such as my own.

So that was basically why I did it. It wasn't actually because I was going to do some big ultra-wested, I'm going to save the world intent.

I just wanted to save my sanity. I would say setting out to do that and then having not one, but three companies now and launching not one, but five different products, was very user levels.

I would say did not do anything to improve my sanity, actually. It is led to lots of sleepless nights, but there's nothing like seeing your products out there and actually seeing people tell you things about how it's helped them in some way.

maybe it's help them not lose some information or help them feel a little more protected in their day-to-day life.

I mean, so many people I talk to at the moment in the consumer space talk of how they feel perpetually watched.

They have this overriding sense of dread almost in anything they do and in anything they say. And part of that is because of the culture we have right now.

We have a culture of every, you have no privacy. We are observed, are watched, are tagged, are tracked, we can have police to show up on our front door because we say we disagree with genocide on a social media platform that we are sold on the premise of is a platform for free speech.

We are told we live in a democratic society yet we are told who we can do business with and how we can do business and in what way we can do business.

These are things which are completely insanity to me. So this is the reason why we have built these products.

So as I started building, as I got Vox Messenger out there and it's cool, it's fairly stable. It is stable and I'm gonna be cool.

I'm actually gonna be proud of my products.

@11:04 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yes, it's stable I love it. We have over 80,000 users in over 100 countries all over the world now We're just getting ready to release our encrypted video chat system.

Sorry No, that's phenomenal. mean so so folks let me kind of just a just a paraphrase I think what was going on right here.

that phenomenal GB. I mean one right to your point a signal for those or What's app if you guys use any of these app systems, right?

They're supposed to be encrypted app Simpsons, right? You're talking one person or another and the way I kind of JB described it is the fact that in WhatsApp the fact that you can actually edit a messenger Leads it to believe that that is in fact not encrypted because it makes sense it completely makes sense It's like going through a firewall, right?

You have to break down through this firewall And then you real build it back up once you're done and then you leave it alone, right?

And so in order for you to get back to editing those things You have to break back down to that wall and what JB saying is there's no

wall to break down. There doesn't seem to be another wall, which makes complete sense. Now, I think that now leads into your messenger.

Now, tell us about Vox messenger. What is it? How do you ensure? Because I think this is a big thing a lot of people feel this way, right?

When you're walking around having a conversation, excuse me, when you're walking around having a conversation with one of your friends and you're like, oh man, I could really go for a cheeseburger.

And all of a sudden you have an ad on your damn face. They're like, oh, what the hell is going on, right?

@12:32 -

And so how do we know, how do you ensure that Vox messenger has that encryption services? Well, again, it's also partly because one of the things we're all about is transparency and accountability.

And this is why we actually invite people to question what we do. You know, if people actually request it, we will actually even get to show people by book sessions, how their data, the fact that their data is encrypted in our database, they can actually see via a share screen.

If they see So desire that we cannot read anything. Now, the moment is all very horrifically centralized because we are having to use Firebase as our database solution.

That's because I built this thing on a shoestring while I was literally working day jobs, putting everything into this.

So I had to build using stuff already free available to me. We are changing that. The version 3.0, which we're working on the moment, is decentralizing it interoperable with pretty much every major competitor.

It even has an integrated crypto wallet in there as well because we are trying to help people get back to communicating with their finances correctly.

I'll give you an example. One of the biggest issues in the crypto space is how you can separate messaging from the actual financial transaction, which means it becomes very easy to manipulate people in the outside of these different groups.

By bringing the crypto wallet into your messaging environment and platform, it means there is a direct parallelly between you making decision, making a deal, then actually having that financial transaction with no man in the middle can pull.

to run risk off. And we're also going for financial regulation because as you know, the SDC is just going to hard on like battering anything that is going to conflict with centralized finance.

Now with Vox Messenger, we also have a number of features that help to protect you more. For example, you cannot edit a message in Vox Messenger.

Once that thing is being written and sent, it is like the equivalency of it being hammered into a piece of stone and then the chisel, your private key literally just lives on your handset and doesn't exist anywhere out and the public key which is stored as a list for people to use as a directory is again kept and protected.

This basically means at no point can you edit that file. We also have other things. We have something called incinerate where we can actually demonstrate that not only is the message deleted from your handset and the receiver's handset, but actually also the database through which it traveled through.

Now this is crucially important because all around us we have delete for everyone. Yay! But the reality is it's delete for everyone.

Everyone accept the platform provider who maintains a copy of that for guess what you guessed it Analytics and metrics and you agree to this when you sign up to this as your terms and conditions This is why our terms and conditions if you're in our privacy policy when you check them on our app Are there very blunt?

They're not as long as some other people's because we don't we're just going to be straight with you if there is any data That we have to share that we have to store for analytics for example The firebase end which does that automatically whether we'd like or not we declare that we've even made it so that inside of the app If you want to test the app Permissions for things like your microphone your camera storage.

They are all optional So you can actually explore and play with the app before you commit to even handing over any permissions And we are working on how to make this even more we're working on how we can roll this back even further So it becomes even stricter volume.

have even built another module called the Mikoshi protocol for those people who are living in environments where their personal safety and their data are truly surveyed and infringed on.

So that I'll give you example in Britain, there is a policy of, in stock and surge, your phone being climbed.

Now to combat that, we have created the Mikoshi Protocol, where you actually, if you type in a, what we're putting a compliance pin in, it raises all of your all of your contacts, all of the ever any messages that were sent between you, and it does one better, it it with synthetic data, it actually replaces it with synthetic data, that you could have been talking about your capital to your grandma.

And the reason for this is because if you're going to combat these kinds of surveillance systems, you cannot just stop them from working, you have to muddy the pool, you have to make these systems useless and inoperable at scale.

Now these platforms, they are often plugged into Palantar at their back end. that's how Palantar makes this money, Palantar makes this money and it's usefulness from scraping your

everything around it and drawing analytics from this. That is awesome at scale as long as you're working on the premise that everybody is telling the truth.

So what is ground truth in that environment? If you can muddy the ground truth, it means that surveillance systems like that at scale over time decrease in usefulness.

And if they decrease in usefulness, there is no need for them. It is these kinds of, this is what we design at Cryotech.

We are, we actually have an application that replaces pretty much every single one of the current mainstream paradise. We have our own version of Facebook called Boxalive that has integrated AI with no ads so that you, the user, can create content of any nature that you like, monetize it and sell it on our marketplace to other users who are interested.

Again, without having your data ripped off for ads, we have even created a digital platform asset which is linking all of these platforms together in a manner that is decentralized so that even we ourselves, the platform

operators have no overall control over it as it scales and progresses. And this is because I don't believe that you have to exploit personal data to make revenue.

Whereas it's kind of become easy, hasn't it? You know, if you look at it, but everybody exploits an ad revenue because it's the easy way to make money.

But just because something is easy does not normally mean that it's right or ethical. And if I want to, and if I'm going to make money, I kind of want my money to be clean.

I know some nuts in the modern world. Okay, correction. I want it to be as clean as it can be.

There's no such thing. There's this great quote in Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman versus Superman when Superman is having to deal with the the manure sandwich that Lex Luthor has expertially created for him.

And as he's standing in front of Lois, he says, this world will not let you keep your hands clean.

And I, and I don't really stuck with me. Because it doesn't matter how good an ethical. you try to be, you are, there is compromises, but you have to pick the compromises that you're willing to make.

For example, in this compromise, which in the compromise I have to make in the world that I am in, I have to get revenue generating and I have to get investment because that is how because the this market is, it is organized.

You need users, but for you to get funding, they're not going to give you funding unless you have something and you have to have users.

And this is reason why I have to toe this kind of like tight-frope line for quite so many years actually.

This is the reason why it's only in the last few years that we've actually done fundraising, you know, because we now have users.

But again, I wasn't going to buy users, pay for users, users, to users, or in any other way, try to influence them to join this to make my life easier to get to that goal quicker, you know?

@19:48 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, no. to your point, you know, one of the things I think a great example of this in regards to tracking folks, when you visit my website, a great shameless plug, the Shades of Entrepreneurship, the Shades of E website.

@20:00 -

I'm like, right?

@20:02 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

But no, that's tracking like a Google Analytics. I track every, I can tell you when person, an individual is live on my webpage.

I know they're age demographics. I know is, I know their location and this is all information simply by me logging on to Google Analytics.

Now, my podcast also, I can tell you who's listening it from what device are they listening from? they coming from Apple podcast or Spotify or they come from the website for the Google from direct, right?

I'm not saying this to scare you, but I am saying this is like, you know, to JB's point, this is truly how we, it is how we have to monetize as well at some point, but you have to use it at your discretion.

I really do like that quote, you know, this, this world will not let you keep your hands or because I think it is a little bit true sometimes.

I work in the healthcare industry and at the end of day in healthcare, we're thinking about, hey, we want to get to the end of cancer as we know it.

But at the end of the time, at the end of the day, I'm also like, I also need to keep the lights on.

so that is a business, right? I need to, I need to think about from a business perspective, I need to grow volume, right?

I need to grow specific volume. so unfortunately, as much as our team, our mission, right, is to end cancer as we know it, my job is to make money to help end cancer as we know it.

@21:17 -

But while at same time, kind of hoping that cancer doesn't end while we, as we know, because otherwise there won't be any money to, yeah.

@21:24 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You see things that no, it's like your 401k, I'm sorry folks, at the end of the day, you actually want institutions to continue to create a revenue because your 401k is directly attached to their revenue driver.

Like when, when Apple does bad, you look at their, you're looking at 401k the next day. I mean, if the alphabet does bad, if Google does bad, like it directly affects their, and there's like five companies.

There's like five companies that directly, directly affect your 401k on a daily basis. so, Tesla is one of them this reason.

That's one of them.

@21:56 -

Yeah, people should care every time that you own mosques, make some maths. Tweet because if you look at your 410K 401, it's reflected there.

But I come from a background where you very rarely people in my socio-economic background get to benefit from a pension.

In fact, most of us end up working far past pension age, especially in the United Kingdom. We all have one of the worst pension systems in the world here in the United Kingdom, and it's one that is consistently and constantly devalued.

And the goalposts shifted on, which means you're only left with a private solution and stuff like that. The reality is, given how the economy is, your 401K has to show a growth rate that is far exceeding of interest rates and the economy.

But when the 401K is pegged against certain things, it means, ah, yes. yeah, yeah, this is reason why my kind of approach to life is I'm probably not ever going to be able to pension out.

All right, but I kind of got the impression that I mean, I have no intention of ever exiting my companies.

never selling my companies. Sorry, people. Don't bother asking ain't We've developed too much tech here that I would feel hugely, I would actually feel criminally irresponsible, allowing somebody else to exploit because I know that the tech that we build here, I'll give you example.

We have built a device, we've designed a device that gives you 360 degree threat awareness as wearable. as it speaks to you and learns from you and learns your life experience, it literally becomes your personal AI that starts talking to you as your confidant and friend.

The problem with that kind of technology is if you give it to the wrong people, they'll use it to unpick the very individual, the very essence of who we are, and they'll use it for one purpose only to drive more ads at you.

And the reality is, this kind of living, it gives us, this is what's causing the sudden increase in mental wellbeing issues.

Not only are we facing a world in which we're suffering a coda shortage, we're This suffering a shortage of people that can deal with mental well-being.

need more, whoever thought we'd be in a world where we need more therapists. You know, and we have a shortage of them.

Why? Because the very way we're living, the technology that is exploiting us is actually harming us. Bear in mind, it was only just a few days ago that the big four tech companies were all sat in the Senate, or sorry, Congress, all being questioned as to why they continued their operations, to continue the way they did when they knew for a fact that children were coming to harm because of it.

Why? Let's be blunt and about this.

@24:34 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

They have shareholders.

@24:35 -

They have shareholders who will phone Zukaburk up potentially and say, yo, I'm the major shareholder here, and you know, I'm seeing a drop in my 401K, you need to do something about it.

Being a CEO and having shareholders, I know this because people will watch the interviews, I don't know. I'll I'll go,

This is a problem. When you allow people to get a handle on you, they will own you. If you look at the people that predominantly invest into Twitter, we're talking about the big money people.

The same goes for the people that invest into Facebook, Apple, Google. They all have an agenda. And I, you can, the agenda is not consumer safe.

agenda is not enriching the lives of their end users. Their agenda is squeezing as much of this, much as they can out the product.

And by the the product isn't Twitter. The product isn't the quest meta three. The product is you, you.

@25:40 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yep. It's you, the consumer.

@25:42 -

Boom. And as soon as you realize that, that's when they start to get a bit twitching. You know, that's when they start, that's when you're starting to hear things about censorship.

That's when you're starting to hear about alternatives being blocked. that's where we come in. Box messenger, the 80,000 plus users, you've got, they're all in countries where if you look at the demo,

graphics, they're in demographic area that do not trust the paradigm that have been burnt by the paradigm. This is the reason why most of my shows are, say to people, it really matters.

If you're going to pick a product in the modern world of identity politics, you do have to kind of check who the CEO is.

It matters. It really does matter if your CEO is going to come from a certain type of background. There is a very high possibility that the alignment of their goals are not in the in alignment with the majority of their users because the majority of the users of most of these products have a very different world experience to the multi-billionaire CEO who lives in his little protected bubble.

We have very different world experiences. experience of a 13-year-old girl using Instagram and Facebook who's been stalked, predated and is being made to question her because of what is on it because of algorithm.

comes on Instagram. His world experience is very different from hers. So given that it's kind of almost not their fault to some extent.

It's the is kind of the fault of the governments that allow these big player tech companies to behave this way with no control and no reigns on them.

So it's all one and good to go into the con to go to Congress and say, Mr. turn around and apologize.

Oh, beautiful. That is that's really really. Wow. He had to apologize. Oh, damn. Oh my God. As one of the people who did have his data extracted by Cambridge Analytica.

Oh, wow. I feel like everything's all better all of a sudden. No. And this is the reason why I'm very passionate about me putting my message out and actually saying to people, this is who I am.

I am contactable. I'm available. Question me. It doesn't matter when my companies get you multiple trillion dollars a day.

I expect people to still question me question my motives. Please do because these are important and there's this goes into innovation.

Has nobody noticed that the messaging the way we message and communicate hasn't really been innovated on since the very first MSN messenger and the little big the little big button.

Nothing's changed even the format of how the messengers look we're releasing in our next version we're releasing in a completely brand new concept UI that visually identifies complex changes in privacy and security of all of the people you talk to and communicates that to you visually so you can understand it instantly when a member of your group or somebody in your contact list is potentially being compromised or if there's been maybe they've been cloned or maybe there is some form of attack happening to them via their cyber that maybe they're not even aware of you know we're not we're trying to make it so you don't have to be a millionaire you know security and privacy are a human there They are human rights to some extent.

There's a reason Why? There are tortures which involve removal of your privacy because when you feel observed, you feel watched, you feel spied on, you cannot be your authentic self because you have fear that it will be used against you.

And that's the world we live in right now. Everybody has access to your data. most of us as products don't even realize what the value is of our data, what are the data points that are harvestable.

I'll give you example. The Apple Vision Pro, brilliant, beautiful device. But the amount of data it collects on your biometrics is insane.

it's most definitely something people should be very aware of and critically assessing because by analyzing data points about the movement of your eye, you can discover a lot about the emotional and psychological state, well-being and capability of an individual.

That is incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. I just say to people, please be aware, we are literally walking, talking,

in emitting data points. So if you start to think of yourself as a piece of data, maybe it will help you to protect yourself a little more.

Bear in mind, Telefonica in France did amazing advertising campaign in which they had a deep fake of a woman talking to the audience and then they demonstrated in the background how that deep fake, which was able to get ID, was created and it was created from a single pick from a picture of a five year old girl on somebody's Facebook page.

Think about that a minute. The technology exists for us to take a picture of one of our kids and show them as an adult and then potentially do stuff in their name.

That is truly terrifying. But again, most people do not think of this because they're not aware of the level of the technology and I hate to say that some people also think that some of the things that people will do are impossible.

They are not impossible. Seriously, this stuff is not science fiction. I mean, I'm a very hopeful person. to the world in which we live in because it's time of change.

And there is massive innovation. live, sorry, Star Wars, you're going to hate me now. We live in a Star Trek world.

We live in a future. Sorry, Star Wars, you didn't get it right. We live in a future that is literally run by Star Trek technology.

Unfortunately, society has not evolved into Star Trek thinking, if you see what I mean, we still obsessed on personal financial gain.

We're still obsessed with doing things that lead to financial gain. And many of us pin our concept of a good life on the concept of a house.

2.3 children, 2.5 children. mean, how did they ever get the point five while I never quite got that? A white picket fence, a garden and a car.

Oh, and a pen and a 401k. That's worth something. But I would say to people that I probably have less stability in my life than I ever had ever before.

And I'm actually far happier for it. I work for myself. I have never worked for anybody else in my three, five.

years now. I do have, I do worry about making ends meet because I'm a CEO who's still getting to revenue generating and I'm very real and I'm four kids and they're my life.

But at the same time, I'm also for once happy. You know, there is a, yeah, there is a sense that people can control this, that and the other, but I have more control than I had before, you know, and that's good.

My recommendation for everybody is to get out there and try it, take a risk. Risks are risky and they're scary.

They're very scary. I mean, I did all of this with no budgets, no money. I worked a day job and still did it and it's scary.

But I'm sure as hell would recommend it to people because you own it. You know, it's not, it's not like when you work for another company for years and years.

Oh my God, they gave me a badge. I worked for 25 years. Yay. And I'm thinking to myself, that's really cool.

But you are definitely not writing No Jack Harowak on the Road style book did because your life didn't belong to you.

Your life was that company's life, not yours. Now me, if you look at my CV, yes, I have done a crazy range of jobs.

I've been a bricklayer. I have been a security guard. I've been senior electro computer science at a major university.

I've been the product manager of a nine million pound project for one of the biggest corporate law practices in the world.

All kinds of crazy jobs. I have never considered any form of work beneath me of any kind because there is no such thing at the end of the day.

And the most fun I've had has actually been in the non corporate world jobs that I've and working for myself, you know?

@33:40 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah. Yeah. And you know, one of the things you mentioned too was AI and how it's able to really fake folks out.

so folks, I'm not sure if noticed, but just recently in Hong Kong, you know, there was an employee who was able to scam their company out of 26 million dollars by pretending to be the CFO during one of their company calls.

@33:58 -

I mean, That's social Trump do to get better every person. It wasn't one person in the video. There's six people in the call and all of them were deep fake.

mean, I'm by the way, from somebody who produces this stuff, it wouldn't have even taken them that long to do.

@34:13 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I mean, incredible. It's incredible. And one thing you mentioned too is like, so the folks at home, if you just have a 401k and you think, Oh, I don't have a lot of 401k, it's not going to affect my money.

If you work for a large organization, that all of those employees, all of those, that's all bundled into one.

So then they go take it to Fidelity and Fidelity now has one big, huge lump of sum of 30,000 employees and all their 401k money.

And then Fidelity then determines, okay, we're going to go put it in these different locations.

@34:41 -

Right. going to be standing here for you.

@34:42 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

And they're, yeah. Yeah. And they're more than likely going to go with the Tesla's and the Facebook's and the alphabet zoops, right?

And with that said, again, now it directly affects you. And that's why if you go back to Warren Buffett, you know, if you listen to Warren Buffett, one of the smartest investors in the world, what he doesn't, like, you a really, really what you're talking about, JB, because

Warren Buffett really talks about he's not just buying a company. He actually goes and visits. So when he invests in the company, he invests truly in the operations and in the CEO of that company.

So he will go and he'll talk to the CEO. He'll talk with operations because he's buying all of it.

And so you as an individual investor, if you're not going to 401k and you're actually just playing money, you're going to do individual investing, you better make sure you know what the hell you're doing.

And you better, if somebody comes like, hey, I'm a penny stock and I'm trying to grow and I'm trying to do all this stuff and you go to one of these presentations, hey, here's a free dinner, invest in my stock, you better know what the hell you're doing.

One, you better know that operations inside and out. You better know who that CEO is, the CFO is, the CMO, the CBO.

You better know everybody inside and out of that business because that's your money. And guess what? They can go liquid at any time and they have, you have no recourse.

That's pretty much the stock market. But I mean, it's not entirely correct.

@35:57 -

mean, as a CEO and I'm going to use the affiliate.

@36:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I have legal and fiduciary responsibility. True. As a CEO, Yeah.

@36:06 -

And that is the bottom line. So yes, there's so many people out there thinking that, I mean, the crypto chads are the worst for this.

go set something up, pump and dump, and they exit stage right. Exactly.

@36:16 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That's great example.

@36:18 -

You can get these people. I mean, this is the one thing that I hate to say this. I've seen this so much in the crypto industry, and this is also kind of an embedded of how people behave in their day to day life.

Have you heard about these people that go, oh, you know what, you can't change that. just too big. just one person.

What can I do? You can do a lot. Seriously, one person can start an entire revolution. You know, the power of the individual.

have been taught the longest time as part of our school education, as part of the TV that we watch, that we as individuals are so incredibly weak.

Yeah, we need other people to save us. We can't save ourselves. Completing out nonsense. We can. Is he etf did back or birth a whole conversation about all the time?

Yeah, again, the body made off thing was not the result of one complaint. It was the result of many complaints and it was also the result of certain individuals going, Oh, hell no, I am going to dig into this.

I'm going to find out what is going on. And I hate to say we have so much of it in, is, it's in all of our society, every aspect of our society that I see in the mainstream right, right now, espouses individual power for giving it up to the group collective because my identity may match some other people's identity.

And then I must all of a sudden fight this kind of identity group assigned fight. No, there's more important things.

There's more important things like why are they distracting us about our identity? You're stealing our data. You know, this, this is, again, people need to kind of be, get really critical in their thinking and I think and really start looking at things and again, I invite people to.

by testing their critical thinking with everything a cryo-take. Question it all, if it seems too fantastic, say that. And then ask the question, how is this work?

What's this thing? Push and product, you know?

@39:11 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I like it. know, your focus on digital equity, we talked about the government, should the governments play a more active role in promoting coding AI in other machine learning educations?

@39:24 -

Oh, most definitely. If the government's place is there to provide steering and guidance to the public that pay them tax to do that job?

Oh, most definitely. I mean, unfortunately, you also need the alignment of several other things. For example, here in the United Kingdom, the laws for anything to do with any form of digital crime are far more severe than any law to do with , murder, or pedophilia, fact.

Those groups of people will barely ever see jail time, but if you're a hacker in the United Kingdom, you'll see 15 to 20.

You know, these are... When you start creating these massive differences like that, it becomes also hard to attract people to the industry because people look at that and go, hold on, what?

And also when you see that countries are changing the laws as to what constitutes hacking, it makes it hard for you to operate without you inadvertently or accidentally as a technical engineer breaking the law.

This is the problem, so governments actually need to become way more in touch with the 21st century. I would go as far as to say maybe our governments should not be infested with a bunch of baby boomers who literally have no concept of technology and whose idea of cybersecurity comes from the hackers movie, not Mr.

@40:42 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

at the very very... And I'm going to move you gotta say, but no.

@40:44 -

a phenomenal movie, but it had nothing to do with hacking.

@40:47 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

mean, it's the road.

@40:48 -

If you want to learn about hacking and that culture and the technology and what it does, Mr. Robot is on the money.

In fact, don't copy it too much because I love the stuff in there. will hand you in jail, especially if you're in the United States very, very quickly.

But the point I'm trying to make is we are led by people who are not from the era we are in.

So, their motives, again, it all comes down to alignment, doesn't it? motives, their alignment is going to be very different to this generation even.

know, bear in mind, the governments that we have had are filled with peoples who I'm not particularly young. They're not crying out loud.

They are literally the baby boomers before us. This means, if you have baby boomers who are the generation from over 50 years back, operating in the 21st century, which is about what?

They come up from an era where everything was about centralized governance and centralized control. And they are trying to rule over a population of people who are living in an era where the technology is about decentralization and digital sovereignty, where we are individual kings and queens of our worlds.

No wonder we have a this match between policy, politics, and the consumer, and the actual end user. And that will always remain the way, unfortunately, until we start changing some of the way in which we do our politics.

For example, we need to shift from first pass to the post to proportional representation. We need to perhaps put an age limit in when politicians can operate, because sorry, if you're 60 or 70, I mean, I'm just saying maybe you shouldn't be leading a country perhaps unless you can pass some serious mental well-being and physical health factors.

Maybe if you can do the Army Entrance Exam, which I did, you can pass at 70. If you can run a mile and a half and do it in another eight minutes in your 70s, cool, you can be president or prime minister.

I'm not going to pick sides, or be either role. just maybe if you can't, maybe you shouldn't be on office.

mean, how useful are you going to be? It's kind of like the parents that decide to have kids incredibly late in their life.

And then they wonder why they don't relate with their kids. You know, when their kids become teenagers and they're like, actually, the show.

@43:13 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know, it's a great point, but I mean, it's very true because I think there's a big, big generational gap between it.

And I mean, there was a stat the other day. was kind of funny watching the Grammys at home. And they said the United States president will be older than the Grammys.

The Grammys is actually younger than no matter who we elect president. And unless Nikki Haley gets up there, no matter who we elect president, the United States president will be older than the Grammys.

Just throwing that out there, folks, just so you guys are aware. I mean, that's a horrible quote.

@43:48 -

Now, that's insane. And that's absolutely insane.

@43:53 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

a bit funny. But that, JB, I would you kind of mentioned, you know, one of the things you mentioned was

in the UK having the different kind of perspective of the African American community in the UK. Now, as a black tech CEO, what unique challenges and opportunities do you face, especially the post black, the BLM era?

Now, dig into it.

@44:20 -

Oh, that is such a low quest.

@44:22 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Rip off the band-aid, baby.

@44:24 -

going to be here all day. Okay, let's rip off the band-aid. Okay, let's do it. Okay. So the environment in Britain post BLM is far worse than pre BLM, if anything, actually.

If you check the statistics, all of the companies in both the United States and the United Kingdom, which pledged to do so much better for the diverse minorities.

You know, not one of them have. In fact, investment in black owned companies, like my own, has shrunk to less than 5%.

And that's not just nationally. That's across the whole freaking world. Yeah. Now, if we actually take a look at how the world operates,

It doesn't really, despite our culture being the most dominant culture in the world, there's a black culture, as it were.

If you look at how countries generally treat the black populations of the world, it is one of the most maligned populations in the world consistently.

by consistently, I mean a population index that is not permitted any form of power, that is not given any assistance into over into systems of structure within any form of governance overtly.

Other groups of people are, but that is because other groups of people are more friendly to the Empire paradigm.

Now, what is it like being black and press and post BLM? Okay, I would say that here in the year of the visible racism that you experienced in the street is now way more visible.

It is. In fact, before BLM, there was almost the sense that people felt that they needed to be a lot more polite.

But I mean, I'll give you an example. was on the phone just in Houston train station just a few months back, and I was having a conversation.

with a colleague. And it got heated because this colleague had actually done something wrong. They'd actually, they'd actually done something fairly scammy, basically.

And I was talking to him in a very fairly robust manner. this old boy runs up to me and saw screaming in my face, jabbing me in the face, bare in I'm wearing a full suit and I speak the King's English as I do, telling me that this country was so much better before my type were here.

I still experience having women and men pull their bags closer to them when I get onto a train or something like that.

These are everyday experiences living in the United Kingdom. I got to be honest, I kind of prefer American racism because they will burn across in your front yard.

They wear a white hood and you know exactly where they are and they don't pretend they're anything else but what they are.

Here in Britain, we pretend that racism doesn't exist. We are living in a post-racial society. It would appear that the government didn't get the memo.

Here's an example. The image The immigration laws have been changed, so somebody like myself whose father was part of the windrush generation could be potentially deported even though I'm a British passport holder was born here, have poor children here, have a white wife and served in the military twice and pay my taxes and do not commit any criminal wrongdoing.

Why? Because they have the power to now. Am I supposed to, as a member of the British public, I'm supposed to feel okay with this.

And by the way, they have banned protest, so there is no point in me trying to say anything about it or protest it because the reality is that in this country they have banned the one last form of rebellion, of peaceful rebellion.

Now in the United Kingdom, we have a country that is actually more multicultural and ethnically diverse than it ever has been in history.

We also have a population which actually are not as far right as people as people try to claim or believe because of our government.

fact, the general population of Britain is actually centric left and fairly social. They actually generally care about each other.

even the racists who do meet is racism based on ignorance. And as soon as you talk to them for five minutes and they realize that there's a stereotype, they very quickly find alignment with you.

You can find a commonality of purpose. It's not institutional racism, not like what you experience in London, where you can be a product manager of a nine million pound project, and you'll still have your peers put their feet up on your desk and tell you that you're too cool, which is a corporate euphemism for being black, and they wonder how you got the job.

get being black in Britain, you'll get, if you're maybe seeing your lecturer, you'll get told that you're going to be part of the DEI committee.

You're told that you're going to be part of that committee. And when you join that committee, it is made up of two black people and six angry white women.

And by that committee, doesn't have any black people in it anymore. Big break. It's not great. That's what That way.

But you know what, what can you say about it? It is what it is. And other than us having a full Guy Fawkes revolution, it is not going to change in the short term.

It is not going to change through elections. sure is how is going to change by people electing the Labour Party in the next election.

I was a BAME officer of the Labour Party in this local region. I ran with the CLP and bear in mind it was actually the head of the local Labour Party that told me not to do the BLM protest.

And when I did put on the BLM protest in the need and we had over 300 people show up for it and there was no drama and violence, then they tried to turn around and claim it was their idea all along.

This is Britain. It's the Empire. The Empire never really died. It just changed its face. And in terms of the people who became members of the population, are members of the Empire?

It is the black members of the Empire who fare the worst consistently. The other components of the Empire will get still admitted to the table and made leaders of countries the rest don't.

So when people say, oh, well, know, we're going be OK, you got wishy, got brown guy. No, sorry, do not bundle all of us together just because he's brown is not making black.

He's not. You know, he is a different racial group and not just that is he as a leader is potentially more collateral to the Empire because of the caste system that operates.

In his group in his racial group, which is more aligned with the Empire concept of maintaining a class system because racism is actually just a tool of class.

It's on if we break it down. It all comes down to how much money you got and who you born and related to.

You know, even if they are mostly cross breeding kind of incest, just kind of groups of people. That's what matters.

It doesn't mean loss of peers in the space. Lots of black people go into the business world into the business world and are entrepreneurs like me, but they are very different to me because they will.

and form. They'll cut their locks. They'll have the certain hairstyles that fit the stereotype of what a black guy in business should look like.

They'll speak a certain way. They'll pay a basis to people. They'll bend the knee every five minutes. yes, things have taken me longer, but that's because I would be much rather my authentic self than pretend to be something I'm not.

And largely in Britain, if you really want to get the easy money, you kind of got to pretend to be that which you are not.

You have to hide. And that's what comes down. And this kind of brings us all very close and very nicely back to privacy, because the way in which Britain is able to know where all of us are unable to subject us to continuous institutionalized racism is because they have access to all of our data on every single platform.

I mean, in terms of this reason, we left Europe, we left Europe because the British government wanted to create an environment of unfettered data exploitation.

you can't do that while a member of Europe. Europe and having to stick to GDPR, which is literally one of the single best frameworks for protecting consumers from this kind of thing.

know? So in short, I'll answer to your question. It's not particularly great. I really wish that it wasn't an issue, but when you literally see it as you're going out the street and you see how people look at you and talk to you differently, even though you've lived there for years, even though you wear a suit, even though you do not speak like hood, top boy stereotype speak, you still get tarnished with it because of what you are visually.

You're visually display and it sucks. It really does. And there are times when you think, wow, it's kind of hard to be proud and proud to be British when you see that part of being British is kind of part of being British apparently is hating a part of the population.

And it goes hand in hand with how everybody around the world kind of treats black people really in their society.

I cannot see any of I've not seen any society particularly in the Western world where black people are treated at their core in their societies with any form of overt respect or uplifting.

You know, except the ones that are willing to play ball, you know, kind of like the Kevin Hart's the world who waiting to put on a dress and show up, those guys will always get somewhere.

But again, it's they'll work for on a dress and they'll dance for Massa. I won't.

@53:24 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, no, to your point, you know, when it comes to supporting the black community, I believe there's a statistic here in the United States.

It's something like 98% of the African American small businesses do. Don't actually employ anybody. Right? They're large businesses and it really is.

I think this, what you said is probably really telling to a lot of people and they probably feel the same way.

It is true. The United States racism is nice because they at least you know who the races are and they're pretty honest about it.

@53:52 -

And I've spoken to loads of them. I can flip half of them in five minutes anyway.

@53:56 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Listen, I got I got friends in my group text that will say that. If they're racist, but they are the nicest, they will bend over backwards for me any day of the week.

@54:03 -

so it's like, you know, but they they're still they're still people like, hey, people we need to make the border wrong.

People need to go back to their country and so on.

@54:12 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

At the end of the day, what they don't realize is they actually came from the UK.

@54:16 -

Oh, yeah, the American Indians. If the if the nature of America ever said to the Americas, go back to your country, the law, you'd be screwed.

So everybody's an immigrant, you know, Puritans and Quakers. So Britain's like, but this is the thing. The people who call themselves Britains are, I say, like, we're the original, we're the Britons, yeah, the Britains actually, sorry, the Britains and insulate are actually Germanic tribes originally from the north and eastern Danube.

They're not British at all. In fact, finding what is British you actually find at its root is more Germanic and European actually than English.

You know, this is the very matter of Royal Family is German. They're the sax cobux. They just thought, you know, we best change our name from sounding less.

So we'll call ourselves the winners. You know, I guess the real question is who did we actually even win the war?

of, really? You know, fascism is on the rise. Fascism seems to be the default for most countries and forms of governance right now.

So did we really? I'm kind of wondering, I think we kind of swapped one. We've swapped human fascism for technological fascism instead.

@55:25 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Or worried to move your point more like governmental fascism, because at the end of the day, like you kind of mentioned, the United States population is very much at the UK where the majority of our population, we want to do good by each other.

We're centralists left. We want to make everybody. We talk to everybody, right? However, the way we have our voting system structured, gerrymandering is trash.

mean, they will cut out certain sections of our communities so they can specifically win those ballot races. So it really isn't a one to one.

And everybody's like, oh, well, let's let the voters vote. Well, guess what? The voters voted last year, 81 million people voted over a 70.

8 million people for Biden over Trump. And guess what? You guys didn't let the voters vote. You guys had your insurrection all that when I don't even get me started.

So I don't want to hear let the voters vote when when the voters did vote. That was the reaction.

It was received. Right? Because at the end of the day, it really isn't about, you know, who the voting.

It's about winning. Right? It's about the power. It's about maintaining that power. I mean, hell, will you go through these conversations about Israel and UK right now?

A lot of that funding. They're man, you think of the people that have those government contracts, the defense government contracts, another $30 billion or $1 million.

Oh, they're excited.

@56:38 -

They're about to have over 2 million children in this country. We're a first world country. Yeah, we have 2 million children who bear.

They even have barely one meal a day. They're of Yeah, we've got my. They to send weapons. We've got money to send ships over.

We've got money to do all this kind of thing. fact, seemingly, if you shake the magic magic money tree, there is actually lot of money in this economy, but it's not gross.

@57:12 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Oh, and there's money if it makes a revenue for someone else. Yeah. lobbyists in a US government. Lobbyists aren't there talking about, like you mentioned, public education, public school and things like that.

What they are talking about is the pharmaceuticals. They're talking about the weapons, right? Because again, that drives a revenue, which again, starts that whole cycle of the 401k because guess what?

Those are public traded companies.

@57:36 -

You want those pharmaceuticals to to the good because it increases your 401k for retirement. So really, it's just really a horrible cyclical cycle that we continue to go through.

It's a Freud and Barnets designed consumer capitalism. The very concept of this comes from Freud and Barnets. And when we look at Freud and Barnets, we should remember that they were quoted by the Nazis because they love their ideas.

so much. Then Freud and Barnades went to work for the American government, trying to work out and then worked for big tobacco to help them work out how to make women smoke cigarettes, how to make cigarettes palatable when they were seen as the, uh, up until that point, cigarettes were viewed, especially if with women partaking on them as the pursuit of prostitutes and their dwells.

And what did Freud and Barnades do when they were commissioned by big tobacco to work out this problem? They were said, cool.

We'll get young women who will join suffragette marches smoking cigarettes and we'll make smoking seem like part of the rebellion.

We'll make it seem rebellious. We'll make it seem alternative. It became the very template for what we see nowadays call and what is it called?

It's called controlled opposition. All of these people that you think are playing on the side, on your side. Yay.

Like these womanizing people like Andrew Tate who say kind of the right thing, only 30% of the time, but then use it to validate their generally really crappy personalities and the other nasty.

see stuff they're doing. Hey, I hate to say it right now. The Satanist person on the market at the moment seems to be Putin when he speaks.

And this is mind boggling to say out loud when you think of what we're told. You know, this is insanity apparently.

But this is the world we live in. I wake up every day, and I see people apologizing for mass murder.

I see I see technologists talking about the amazing technological advances of AI while at the same time not condemning its utility and use in killing in creating kill lists and controlling drones and being used for psychological warfare.

You know, these the big the biggest people in fact in AI are perhaps some of the most you should worry about because again, if you look at the backgrounds, these are the backgrounds of people who are never once tasted poverty or suffering.

They have never once experienced what it's like to have a system leveled against you in every single move that you make in your life.

But that the best systems They do that. I'll give you an example. vision systems are based off of four data sets, which have less than 1% diverse representation across all of them.

Yet those data sets are used to train every computer vision mod system in the world, including cars, facial recognition systems, systems designed even to catch criminals, and yes, the rate of misidentification amongst black and ethnic minorities is huge, and it gets harder and harder for it to be proven because why?

Apparently, the AI is never wrong. We are. You know? So, yeah, it's very tricky. It does sometimes feel like we're living in a period of literal madness right now.

@1:00:38 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

The people living in the minority report, the actual movie, the minority report.

@1:00:42 -

Yes, we really are. I mean, I hated that film. mean, the film, I mean, to be fair, nobody does, like, these movie conversions of stories really well anyway.

But when I was watching it, I've watched it. was like, the problem with this movie is that it's dramatizing digital fascism.

It's making it seem cool. It's making it seem ancient. Gee, oh my God, look at that. Isn't that amazing?

Yeah, think of what those hand movements are doing to your life, buddy. You know, they're going to put you in prison cell and make you either a commodity or soil and green in the future.

We do need to think of this stuff, but unfortunately, the reality is, if you look at most of humanity, it's kind of split into three.

We have those who would really want to do good. Then we have those who kind of really want to do bad.

Both of these are the minority actually. The majority is those in the middle, I call them the non-aligned. They're not good, they're not bad.

They just want to live a happy life. They're not bad people. just want to exist. The problem with that, with the non-aligned is though, they're the worst because they can be flipped in any either direction.

And that's a problem because that basically means these groups, just because these people want to exist and just want to have an easy life, they can be manipulated into being involved in some of the worst travesties against humanity.

Let's see. We saw this with Cambridge Analytica and how two elections were co-opted by actually three because we also had Cambridge Analytica was also used to affect the Brexit vote.

know, we have when you see people when you see scientists, doctors, financial experts, and they all start repeating something from the mainstream paradigm and it follows a certain script.

You have to question their intellect and intelligence, but the reality is intelligent intelligence does not necessarily mean that you will not feel full for a convincing scam.

A convincing scam that appeals to your irrationality and sense of emotion, which is what all of these things do, claiming that there are problems that are to do with immigrants in boats or a mysterious disease or potentially aliens or interdimensional beings or whatever other crap they keep trying to tell us is going to happen next.

It saps your energy and it will make you run around like a lunatic, hoping that you'll be safe, willing to give up any part of your individual freedom just

moments of just feeling a little warm and quiet and safe for moments just like being a child. Yeah. It's yes, it is a very it is literally Wow, this is a pressing turn to this conversation.

@1:03:17 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Good people are very attuned out.

@1:03:19 -

No, no, people are probably they're slicing their wrists right now. Yes, screw this there, right?

@1:03:24 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

They're their following. Yeah, they're it. Tesla Elon Musk shut up. I think I wrote a cryo tech. What's what's the future?

@1:03:32 -

What's what's the plan? What's the goal? What's cry for you? We've got and box messenger is already out there on Android.

We are it is being released on iOS in the coming months. We have Vox Crypto where you are in control of your banking literally directly actually you own your own money.

Oh my god. How crazy is that? We have got on chain KYC and AML coming, which is unlike other people's ID systems, which is actually tells you an authority tries to check.

your data. Oh yes, without on chain KYC and AML system, if somebody checks your file or an institutional request it, you get notified about it.

Now the reality is you can't do much about it, but at least you'll know who, what, when and why, and you will be able to file a complaint against them if you find out they should not have been there.

You know, this is all useful. So we have Voxelive Law and Change is our own version of Facebook. And by the way, we do not believe in D platforming.

There are only two rules with which we will D platform you from our ecosystem. Peter failure and human trafficking.

You can discuss everything else because the end of the day, if we as a platform provider, I have to be as agnostic as possible.

Now some people go, oh wow, you're not being agnostic about pedophilia and human trafficking. Sorry people, something is just downright evil.

Okay, and you don't need to be told it is that you don't need the government contractor to tell you it's bad and you don't need UNESCO to tell you it's bad.

You just know it's bad. Yeah, sorry, Zuckerberg, you are asleep at the wheel. You focus too much on profit.

You should have been thinking about that one. know, just Be a human. Don't be a CEO. Be a human CEO.

Yeah, I know we're doing research. We are actually doing research into a digital version of me that speaks like me.

Talks like me. Walks like me. like me. is AI me. He will do these conversations in the future. I don't know that he's going to be quite as, you know, humorous as myself at times, but hopefully he will be.

Oh, he won't be too boring. He ain't going to be dead-eyed like the Vision Pro Personas as an example.

But it's going to be trained on my humanity. It's not going to be trained on Freud and Barnet's How to Make Money Quick.

It's not going to be trained on manuals of how to do marketing. It's going to be trained on a human, a real human.

Someone who I would like to say about myself does have a decent moral compass, actually, and does have a fairly deeply ingrained sense of ethic and morality, but not in this biblical sense.

It's more on a humanitarian sense. I care about us as humans. Now, I know somebody's going to say, excuse me of being a human.

and then Elon Musk lands people on Mars and they'll probably look at this interview, straight to this up in years to come and go.

At one point, Trump, right now, where Benjamin was non-marshan.

@1:06:09 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

He was humanist, which basically means he was anti-marshan, canceling him.

@1:06:15 -

We all know it's coming. Can you imagine what's going to happen when people start thinking on Uranus? Oh, I've got many jokes, but you won't be able to say them anymore because they will actually be people there, even on Uranus.

Anyway, the point is, with these things, Voxalive, Vox Messenger, Vox Crypto, we even have our own person of Spotify where users get paid for the playing of their music in real time using a digital platform asset, which is the Voix token, which we're releasing soon.

And to do technologies, my gamecrice, lots of cameras everywhere without needing to walk around the QR code or little balls or markers all over you.

That patent has been filed. We acquired a competitor. We acquired EF EV, one of the oldest companies in the 3D volumetric space.

There's actually reference by Microsoft in their own patents for volumetric. We acquired them just last year and are starting to incorporate their technology.

And then in my other company at Gorgon Blackbox, we are developing technologies for private and public security. We have Angelides where you have personal 360 degree threat awareness.

Yes, you'll be able to know if there's somebody coming up behind you with a massive baseball bat who is for some reason watched the latest Netflix movie on incoming disasters and decided he's going to rob you of everything because it believes that the disaster is coming.

It will tell you it will warn you, it will record it and it will give you the information that you will need to survive in real time.

We have that and so much more coming out of the back. All three of my companies to make my life easier and now under the control of a single holding company called Akuma Engineering Limited, which is registered in Ireland so that we do not have to accede to the British law.

of us are giving up customer data just because they're says so no no no no no you will come at me with a denotest or a warrant and then I will fight you over it.

@1:08:10 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

There you go. There you go.

@1:08:11 -

Now it's about that for all of my customers, how are you? You know except the ones that appear to files in human traffickers because I have to give them myself but I find them so especially on my network Jesus.

@1:08:23 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Jesus. Now for folks that are interested in getting connected with you, the JB the real JB or maybe the AI JB in the future.

@1:08:30 -

How do they do that? What's your website social channels how they connect with you? Okay so you can connect to me on Twitter.

I am very active on Twitter. I get to me on JB WB 2020. I am also very active on LinkedIn.

I have a fairly unique name. You Google my name. Act if everything comes up. mean Jean-Renard web Benjamin. There ain't other any other name like that.

That end game confused with anything else. I mean there's a couple of American Civil War soldiers called John Webber.

I can dive in which kind of come up in the mix. Yeah, and by the way, they were fighting for the wrong side, which makes it even more hilarious when that name comes up and you see a black icon on the next two ways.

Sorry, just pardon me, that's my slack kicking off there. Yeah, so get hold of me on Twitter, JBWB2020, JBVengement.

You can also check on the websites,,, and We're our box messenger, super simple, just type in box messenger.

Box crypto, same thing again, surprisingly enough, you type in box crypto, we're there, we're searchable and we have fairly unique names, so it's easy to find us.

Also, for those of you who are super enterprising, who are able to find my phone number, yes, if you download Box Messenger and you can work out my phone number, it's not bloody hard to find, seriously, I live out in the open because even though I'm all about privacy, I have to give up my privacy for people to believe.

even that which I have. If you can find it, download Box Messenger on Android, hit me up direct, I will respond, I will talk to you.

@1:10:08 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Man, I love it, in fact, again, and if you do, if you guys forget any of this information, this is a great time to plug the Shades of Entrepreneurship newsletter so you can actually subscribe at, we'll have all this information on the Shades of Entrepreneurship newsletter.

JB, this is a phenomenal conversation, I think what I'm going to actually do to be honest with you, going to focus on you, this is the second part of the two because I'm going cut this conversation into two parts.

This was a phenomenal conversation and I think we actually had a really nice segment right in the middle that we're going cut it into two, so this is my two-part conversation.

JB, phenomenal conversation, thank you again so much for your time. Folks, let's you know at home, you can follow me at the Shades of E on the social sites, you can also connect with me on a personal LinkedIn, I'm actually very active as well LinkedIn, so JB, I'll connect with you because I will continue to know, like the bread and spill the tea and make sure we make sure we do it right.

For those listening at home, thank you again so much for staying in with us, I appreciate it.

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