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Esau Ramos


Esau Ramos

@0:00 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Hello everyone and welcome to the shades of entrepreneurship. This is your host, Mr. Gabriel Flores. Today I have Isad Ramos. How are we doing?

@0:10 - Esau Ramos

I'm running around.

@0:13 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, he is currently in the truck doing a podcast episode. Man, Estevato is working. And where are you calling it first?

@0:24 - Esau Ramos

I'm calling it from Northeast Atlanta. So Georgia is Southeast United States.

@0:33 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Wow, my goodness, that is coming from a long way. So give us a little background. Who is Isad? Give us some background information, family education.

@0:43 - Esau Ramos

All right, guys. Well, in WIAM, uh, uh, immigrant came here when I was six, um, and been introduced to the construction and staffing fields through my dad.

I've been to my mom and I developed a company helping people find jobs and that's what's really taken over my life.

I have a family which has been a Esau Ramos part too. Great wife that's helped me through it. But that's who I am.

I help people find jobs. I built a platform around it and a lot of great opportunities that are getting built on our platform.

@1:29 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That's me. Yeah, let's take a step back. I think there's a lot in there that you probably just want to glance over.

So first, let's talk about your transition from, you know, you mentioned work to actually have in this conversation before that you were born in Meichel and then you came over to the United States.

How was that transition?

@1:47 - Esau Ramos

It wasn't that hard. I came when I was six. I definitely, there's this meme that I saw and I reposted that was like,

you know my parents were crazy they they did they knew I didn't speak English and they still dropped me off at school in kindergarten and so that that was the experience you know I didn't know English but uh you know I learned and you know I'm you know I was the immigrant I thanks to Mr.

Ronald Reagan though and my my dad I was able to become a citizen but I did have to go through that that that adventure that a lot of people have to do and I still remember it so it's it's maybe another day we'll get real deep into that one.

@2:39 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

No that's I mean it's a great part of your life right and I think that also kind of molded you into what you are today in fact you kind of mentioned your parents also worked describe some of the work that you did that or your younger that kind of got to this point.

@2:55 - Esau Ramos

Sorry guys I'm putting on my stuff so that I would be involved in, going back to college shave on.

It would have been a great Gift so there too. What got me into it was basically like said when I got here now with six my dad had a a construction company doing Volume new home construction and The framing and he just bring me along with him so I really didn't get to have summers and I actually didn't get to have some first most my school time and He would just bring me to work since I was six years old.

I was sweeping houses for a prominent family near that does a lot of construction here in Georgia and So just construction has been in my life.

@3:39 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know this whole time Now let's talk about the business big the big work app. What is it?

@3:46 - Esau Ramos

Yeah, I? Construction super app so we built a platform has a bunch of tools in it and We're expanding on it.

So think of it as Amazon. There's a bunch of features that are coming together come into play and we're and we're using the data that we're gathering to you know really connect people on it.

And make the service just you know a little bit more efficient for everybody. You know they say there's nothing new under the sun and and we don't mind that but we what we want to do is put the right people in the right place.

And we also like the middleman so we you know there's a lot of business say that they cut out somebody but you know we don't want to cut nobody out we just want to make sure you know everybody's involved everybody's making money everybody's happy.

So that's what the app is.

@4:34 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I love it and it's really like kind of a construction social media site almost. It's on steroids because you can do so many things on that plate.

@4:46 - Esau Ramos

Now is this your first business? Yeah it would be my first official business. Not the first company though we went we grew from you know want the first iteration and second iteration.

and now we're, you know, we have partners and stuff and, but it is the first business. Now, throughout these iterations, what have you learned that you felt is most valuable?

Be patient. You know, let people do what they're supposed to do. You know, one of my big defects is that I think I know it all.

And I've learned that that's, you know, I still do it, but, you know, it's, I learned to try to simmer it down because, you know, everybody has their thing and try to listen as much as possible and you really take it what people are saying.

Not, you know, just kind of overthrow it or something, you know.

@5:48 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah. You mentioned to you know, you had different iterations of the company. What was that first iteration like in that sector iteration before you got to today?

@5:57 - Esau Ramos

So the first iteration we thought we were. just gonna build an app. And so that's what we did. We were trying to build an app.

We hired somebody. Obviously, I already had requests and services I had from my history and stuff. And but later on, we realized, you know, somebody came to us and, you know, worked for a really, really great company.

He was their CTO and was like, you know, you need a platform as well. You need a website. That's where you actually need to start off.

And then build that. And, you know, we didn't really understand. And so we didn't do much to it, but eventually we're like, okay, we do definitely need the website.

And we built the website, which was the second iteration, and then that's what's grown the best, which is the platform.

Versus the app, because now we realize like, oh, we're probably gonna have a bunch of apps. Like, it's not just gonna be one app.

But, you know, we at first, we thought it was gonna be one app. It was gonna be super easy.

It was gonna do. everything and everybody was gonna connect to it and it didn't work out and and then so once we found that out Then I realized my the business side of it and it is when I started getting my partners And they created the new company and you know, we that's how we got shares and started working on that Yeah, how do you progress like the new it's a great word progressing because how do you progress?

@7:25 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I'm pretty sure people are listening like how the heck did you go and start building an app? How do you build an app?

@7:33 - Esau Ramos

So it's interesting enough you you know, you start to look for the people and And in my scenario you You find them but like I said, I was a no it all so I never let anybody really finish But it has it yeah, it has its benefits because I learned eventually to when I got to my second developer He taught me some things in programming

And I call myself a great configuror because I'm not a programmer, but I know how to configure things and so I Eventually learned how to configure things and was able to put together the app with all the right systems and Oh, and behold I got the app and I was able to start getting people to download it and And now I can notify them, you know, and that's the really big thing for us to be able to send the notifications out and So that's I mean, how do you do it?

You just kind of have to figure out What systems you're gonna need and put them together and if you're patient enough get somebody that's gonna put them together That's done it before you know, and that's how you do it.

@8:42 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know get the right people Where do you get the right people especially for building an app such a unique thing?

How do you how do you attract employees for those specific roles?

@8:57 - Esau Ramos

So I started off friends and family man. I started asking people like Hey, you know, programmer and you know, there's like, oh, yeah, he makes websites.

He makes websites. And then I got real lucky and I had a friend that had a friend that had a friend that had gone to this good school that I was about.

Yeah, I got lucky man. And he went to the school where there was technology and science is called GSMST here in Georgia.

And he actually had got invested by a big name investor from, you know, Shark Tank. And he built a security app.

And so he knew what to do. And so he kind of started setting us in the right path. And but I got desperate, you know, I thought, like I said, that was the first one.

And I didn't finish it all the way through. And I met somebody else who I had actually gone to school with.

But at that time, I was already actively looking. So I guess you put out the energy to the universe and, you know, and just.

You start attracting what you want, you know, and. So that's how you start looking for them. You got your circles, you know, the people around you, then your social media, then you could probably pay for some stuff and you just gotta go through those humps.


@10:17 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

So iteration one, what does iteration two look like?

@10:23 - Esau Ramos

Interation two, I'll tell you what, we had a thousand downloads or a thousand signups our first month on iteration two.

And the thing is this, with our users, these guys are doing jobs that are worth, you know, 10 to $100,000 a piece.

So each user is really valuable to us. We don't have a lot of them, but each user has, you know, real potential, a lot of potential to be a big impact for the company, with the job they do and with the job they can bring to them.

And that was iteration two. and two, but again, we had to go to iteration three and iteration two, we had a thousand downloads the first month and during iteration three, it took us almost three or four times the time to get those thousand downloads.

We lost those first thousand signups through our programming mistakes and stuff and we had the people that we were connected with and we brought them on to iteration, you know, the third iteration, which is the one that we still have now and but it was painful.

We saw them, we saw it was so good and then it was like iteration two was it was the first website which you know failure to make an app then the website then the actual platform that has an app connected to it which is what we have now.

@11:52 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Just a cascade fall of different things are up and it was the same time. Now what this is our first business.

Is there anything been easy about this being a small business being an entrepreneur?

@12:06 - Esau Ramos

The stress has been eating, you know, you get stressed out quickly. You get, you know, like, you easily get stressed out, you know, you start to see a lot of stuff come out and come, you know, come to your plate and you get stressed out.

Other than that, everything else is pretty hard, man. Gaining your customers, gaining your users, you know, like, it's not that simple, you know, getting people to actually start to use a system that you're building versus systems that are out there.

And then when you get compared to a bunch of systems and they're like, oh, well, you're just like that.

We're like, well, no, we're doing this, you know, like, so let me explain to you. Now you got to explain and scaling that.

So a lot of that stuff is hard and you got to explain here, if you want to open up 2

You know, I am a big advocate of education because I didn't get the chance to really get an education like that.

And, but I do think that if you find yourself wanting to have some free time and like enjoying life, you should probably get a career and find a company you can work with to build some denights because being an entrepreneur is really, really hard.

It's not easy. And, you know, it takes the, you do have to sacrifice one of the stuff.

@13:31 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know, one of the things you mentioned to the difficulty of getting clients. How do you brand yourself?

@13:37 - Esau Ramos

How do you market yourself? How do you get new clients? So, like I said, I had that history, so I started off where to mouth.

And now we've created, you know, some sort of techniques on getting clients. Some of them, I can't really say they're like business.

Probably take business practices, but. You know, we got a really good word of mouth going. And now we're, you know, we're starting to hire out paid promotions.

And we did social media was really good for us. So social media helped us out a lot. And everybody knows that.

But, you know, social media can be like an entertainment or it could be business, you know? And so I we figured out how to monetize it and now, you know, we're able to get jobs from social media.

And so that's been kind of compounding. And we have clients that have have stayed, have started with us and are still with us in those compound as well.

@14:46 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

And what does a typical client look like?

@14:55 - Esau Ramos

What is your idea? And what is your vision field looking for a service? Whether. They're looking to, you know, build a property, work on a property.

You know, just want to do something that has to do with real estate and they're looking for that service.

So we have, you know, the lenders, the developers that can help them through the process with the cities. Or somebody that's in construction that wants to just grow their business.

They need that capital or they need those crews to perform the job. And so we specialize in recruiting, which was our first actual, you know, our first actual service was the recruiting of people for other companies.

So that one is the one that we, you know, that's gotten us to where we're at now.

@15:40 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, you kind of mentioned like where you're at now. Where do you see, you know, the big work going in the next five, ten years?

@15:53 - Esau Ramos

We, I see the company going as one of the biggest companies in the world. Some of the projects that we get are, you know, 10 figures and the better we get, the more of those projects we're going to be involved in.

And so we can really, really grow really, really fast. And that's where we see ourselves and providing just a lot of a lot of benefits to the people that ride with us, you know, and we're, you know, we're just getting connected so many awesome people through the platform and and we can and just being able to connect them and Put these things together.

So we see ourselves as being a super app. I don't know if you see that movie Ralph breaks the internet or Or it's on Disney where oh yeah Yeah, it's like this digital world, you know where you see uh, he's an ebay and it's like a big mall and stuff And we see ourselves being one of those.

@16:58 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

I like it. I like it Now, you know, you kind of mentioned this is all new. You're going through it.

You kind of mentioned Don't be an entrepreneur because there's a lot of difficult times. Have you ever had a moment of self doubt going through this process?

@17:13 - Esau Ramos

Yeah, man. Yeah, of course, uh Just you know, you're like, am I doing the right thing? Like it, you know, by my like, am I being as good as I can be like, uh, Am I, you know treating people like I want them to like I want to be treated like other small businesses?

Um, and sometimes Unfortunately, if you're not set up right and you don't have that education, which I was advocating earlier You don't know how to properly set up things and so then you have to learn In a reverse and that's real painful because you learn off of mistakes and those mistakes uh burn bridges a lot of the times and so um It gives you doubt but uh our company stands for believe

and God. And, you know, and God, what I mean, and what I was told, is just like believing something and just kind of stick it through.

So even though I had that self doubt, I always went back to God, which is my stronghold and it's just kind of kept going, kept going, kept going, and keep, and I'm keeping on going.

So it's not like self doubt's gone. It happens, you know, there's bumps on the road and, you know, and so I still, I'm still doing it now.

@18:39 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know, that's, I think that's a great point and that's something great things for listeners to hear is a self doubt is kind of constant.

It's just kind of figuring out ways to manage it and address it. Right. I think everybody has their moment of self doubt or filling that imposter syndrome, but just understanding that addressing it.

understand into what it is and then moving through it right and pushing through.

@19:03 - Esau Ramos


@19:04 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Now what advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? Someone who maybe wants to become an entrepreneur. What advice would you have from?

@19:14 - Esau Ramos

I tell them to really plan things out and get educated in the field they're in. Even if they're doing something different, whatever the things that they're doing that have to do with that field they should get that education.

Even if you're mixing it another way you still got to know the things you're mixing. You know what I'm saying?

@19:44 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)


@19:45 - Esau Ramos

And that's my advice. Learn learn learn and learn learn learn what you're doing. Learn the spices that you mix in.

@19:54 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

No that's a great that's a great analogy. Learn the spices that you're mixing. In fact that's something I probably would love to tell you about because she's phenomenal with the mix and the spices.

She's really good about that. Now, for the listener that maybe there's a future client out there listening right now, how can they get in contact with you?

What's your contact information? Maybe it's social media sites as well.

@20:17 - Esau Ramos

Yeah, so we have the platform and we have a contact form. If you're depending on the service or this position they're coming through with, they can make a profile which is the best, make a profile so they can start to add people and get a feel for the site.

We don't have a lot of instructional content, but the site is very functional. So it's like site messages, post, activity, you've got your news feed and at the bottom of our footer, you can see a lot of the services there and find your way through.

through but you know we're on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, you know like I said social media has been great for us so if you reach out to us there we'll be there for you guys.

@21:10 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Now I'm looking at the screenshot of some of the work that this is able to do is it also do you have your individuals that post?

They can also post in multiple languages, correct?

@21:23 - Esau Ramos

Yeah they can post in multiple languages. We have great team that will be able to cipher it and you know we've been lucky enough to have some jobs from Romania in England and English but you know so we want to make this a platform can be used internationally.

@21:47 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah so again folks like I'm on their website, their big website. I mean you can just go in there typing a couple of category keywords you know say you want your air duct cleaning maybe want some asphalt maybe the basement bathroom just something.

and they will find people for you. It's such a cool service. It's like Google but a little bit more specific.


@22:10 - Esau Ramos

Correct. Yeah. I want to add to it. We typically don't. So you were asking me earlier, like I said, anybody that's already in construction or is investing in properties.

Those are the people we really like to work with. If you're a homeowner and need a service, you can definitely help.

But there are some more, you know, homeowner type services that could probably help you out better. And we plan on working with them too, just because the people that we work with do a lot of volume.

So yeah, but yeah, just want to make sure you guys know that way. You guys don't, you know, go on there.

Fast to turn around, but if you guys are able to Give us a maybe like a volume drop say you're putting siding on Ten homes then we can get your contractors to do that But maybe a small repair it be a couple days to get just somebody to do that Makes sense.

@23:19 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

So again, this is this is for those larger larger larger work crews larger Adventures that are out there So again, thank you so much for your time.

I really do appreciate Being able to take the time to have this conversation very unique stuff that you're doing very cool site I'm still even though I'm not you know doing some huge construction site.

This is really cool information Just to kind of have at your fingertips really is kind of a little kind of a Facebook for the construction trip Now is there anything else you'd like to say to listen to before we go?

@23:52 - Esau Ramos

Yeah I Really appreciate you guys that are listening for the time to listen about our company and I appreciate Mr.

Gabriel. He's taking the time to shout out entrepreneurs out. So you guys make sure to watch and see all the people that are about to pop off.

@24:15 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

That's exactly because we got a lot of people about to pop off. In fact, if you want to learn more about this information, you can actually visit me at

You can see this on the social sites on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn by visiting at theshadesofe. I want to thank you all for listening and have a great night.

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