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Dan Bruton

Agate Executive Communications and PDX Executive Forms

Dan Bruton

Gabriel Flores  0:00  

perfect perfect didn't want to butcher your name by any means it's usually usually kind of like a girl or something What the hell? So how would you like me to introduce you as far as your title goes

and owner of what was that? I'm sorry the last one. I get

Dan Bruton  0:46  


all right

Gabriel Flores  0:59  

all right, you're gonna go Alright, let me just do this little small little intro Hello everyone and welcome to the shades of entrepreneurship. This is your host, Mr. Gabriel Flores. Today I have the host of the PDX executive podcast and the owner of agate executive communications. Dan Bruton How are you doing Dan

I knew that you're a podcast host as well so I was like I gotta practice on my intro so let's let's introduce the world to Dan let's let's kind of talk about your new family career who is Dean.

Yeah and that's that's pretty much how I found Dan was through his podcasts. We actually had a couple of former guests Rick from Pi was on yours and then that's how I found him in fact, let's get into this the PDX executive forums for the listeners at home what is this the PDX executive forum and kind of what does it do?

Dan Bruton  3:52  

Forget the

Gabriel Flores  4:12  

love it and you know one of the things you kind of mentioned was you you wanted to focus locally why why focus Why was focusing locally important to you

Dan Bruton  5:07  

Yeah, I would agree definitely

Gabriel Flores  5:37  

you know, I would totally agree when starting this podcast it's you know that you mentioned the, just a few degrees of separation from everyone right? Portland becomes very small when you start really invest in yourself in the community. Because once you start investing yourself in the community that people that invest themselves in the community are gonna pop up as well. And they tend to be the people that are always at the same events or, and those are the folks that you want to you know, kind of collaborate with. Right and that's exactly kind of why I reached out to you because I'm saying hey, you know, we're running the same circles love to pick your brain in fact, you know, as a podcast host myself and for the listeners who may be inspired to be a podcast host someday how do how do you differentiate yourself as a podcast hosts

Dan Bruton  6:42  


Gabriel Flores  7:29  

In fact what would you say have you found difficult like starting the podcast what would you say is like the hardest part?

Definitely you one of the things you mentioned to at the beginning, we when we're introducing you as you don't just do podcasting, right, you actually own a company as well. I get executive communications. Let's talk about that. What is that?

How would if you were if I was a client how would you say this is how you would market to your consumer

Dan Bruton  10:34  


Gabriel Flores  11:31  

yeah so you mentioned you have some employees some some concrete contractors Correct sir did you do you build up your business kind of like an LLC or how have you built it up Yep yep

Dan Bruton  11:58  


Gabriel Flores  12:28  

yeah you know it's kind of funny I was one of the most like one of my most previous episodes is kind of talking about that where you know some corporations previously focused on hey, we want the specialists right we want somebody that can just do this one thing but now it's like you know what they're accepting the generalist that can do a lot of broad things right and so having that kind of in your repertoire is going to be important and one of the things you kind of mentioned too is just kind of getting it out there on different platforms is is getting the word out how would you say what was what was difficult for you kind of starting your business?

Dan Bruton  13:33  



during the pandemic

Gabriel Flores  14:40  

I agree and I think that's one of the one of the messages I've been hearing pretty consistently on this podcast is that, you know, the tech industry burnout, the healthcare industry burnout. It's a lot of individuals are feeling tired and frustrated during this pandemic and Hey Listen folks, we get it, we definitely get it because we're in the same boat you know, I think individuals that are trying to do either one for their community or trying to do for business it's it's really tough and one of the things we kind of mentioned often is you kind of do it by yourself when you're an entrepreneur or business owner it's those late nights and those long days and long meetings it's you're by yourself and if it doesn't get done if you don't do it, it's not going to get done there's nobody coming behind to kind of clean up the room kind of thing and so you really kind of got to do it. So you probably had some pretty amazing conversations with some really great executives here in the Portland area what what kind of gems would you give you know a younger investor or inventor or entrepreneur executive even what what kind of advice would you give them

Dan Bruton  16:03  


community right now

Gabriel Flores  16:43  

Yeah, I feel like this I feel like we're merging from this Elise Elise I'm I'm hoping that we're emerging from this with a larger sense of community you know and what it really means to be a community member to one another and how important it is because in 24 hours things can change pretty rapidly right? I did for a lot of people now Now what about for Dan for a younger Dan What advice would you give the younger Dan?

Yes, yes, you can't be the jack of all trades Master of None kind of thing all the time. Now now for the folks. Oh, sorry. Go for it. I was gonna say for the folks at home and if they're interested in you know, Agha executive communications how do they get in contact with you? What's What do clients expect if they get your service?

Love while I'm sure I'll be promoting this on Facebook as well. So you'll you'll get a notification that so what about the folks that are interested in here in the PDX executive forum? How can we find that information?

Perfect. Dan Bruton thank you so much for joining the show. I really do appreciate it for those at home please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and I will have a good night

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