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 Bohdan Paladiichuk

@0:04 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Hello everyone and weclome to The Shades of Entreprenerhsip - this is your host, Mr. Gabriel Flores. Today I weclome Qream absolutely getting calling in from where where are you at right now in the world I want to let the people though know first where are you calling in from.

@0:33 - Bohdan

First of all I'm in Ukraine and second of all I'm in Kiev in capital so yeah.

@0:39 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know I think folks need to understand this as what we see on the media isn't always what cracks up to be because this gentleman's calling from Kiev right now everybody's saying that you know Kiev's under you know under it truly is right you guys are in fact in in a war right but there are still individuals doing phenomenal work.

out of this location trying to help support this local economy uh, continue to thrive. But before we get into all that, please introduce yourself, give us a little background, uh, who, who is, but uh, for sure.

@1:12 - Bohdan

So basically, I'm a CEO and creative director at their, which is the, uh, cream design agency. We're in a bunch of amazing stuff for the digital products for the tech entrepreneurs, trying to re-relationalize the game and actually bring some meaningful change.

So that's very important to us. And yeah, we're 35 creative hats that are just doing crazy stuff and branding, which means helping people elevate their brand, whether it's like brand identity itself through websites, actually through design of the product itself.

We also do creative explainers. So we go all in absolutely to leverage the meaningful tech. So it gets seen, it gets visible, it gets attention, it gets leveraged, it deserves.

And it actually cuts through a noise because I think this is one of the biggest challenges of the brands that they are all being very similar.

But I think I will jump into that later. But for me personally, I've been creative also. Throughout my whole life, I've been doing comedy, I've been doing filming, and editing music videos as well, like as a director.

I've been doing music. So I think about the creative people, if you're creative, it is reflected in everything that you do.

So creativity is a mindset. And then the tools, you can pick whether it's a design, whether it's a video editing or whatever else.

Again, it's about the mindset that you have. And I'm pretty sure all the folks that listen to the podcast also know it and write the creative ways of some kind.

I get to enjoy that doing as my work daily.

@2:33 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Yeah, you know, I think that's one thing I've. I'm trying to at least carve out like, you know, shot at con land force.

He keeps shooting emails and saying, Hey, man, just an hour of day of create creativity, you know, spend creating, get it posted in the amount of traction.

You'll start to get from that. And so I'm really trying to dedicate at least an hour a day. Because one of the areas, in fact, I'm really excited to talk about this specifically.

One of the areas I struggle with, I think a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with, is their website specifically there building a website.

So let's talk about it. How do you make a killer website that's clear, community and tells a story that converts?

@3:12 - Bohdan

Yeah, it's about elements coming together in one cohesive thing that we actually called the website. And I believe this is the storefront of every single business entity in the world.

Even if you think that your website is not generating your revenue, leads, or whatever, it is generating you reputation dividends, for example.

So people get to know you through the website whenever they hear about your name, the goal there and they see it.

But unfortunately, a lot of people have it under looked as well or over engineered and there is actually like through many troubles that people get with their website and there is really like very little that get it right.

From people who get it right, I think this is where we can write things down. For example, we can look at the Apple's website.

I believe it's doing a tremendous, tremendous good work because again, it has clear copy. It is punchy copy. It is speaking your language so they're not using some fantastic.

That's like we're the best innovation of innovation happening to the world and you cannot understand anything that the company is doing So it's about being clear about being precise about beat about being concise at the same time but punchy on the copy level and then you have the visuals which is the absolute like different story I believe and This gets neglected in a way that people which is throw in some budget images just to have the atmosphere And I believe this is not correct and my favorite Test of the website is translate your website to Japanese if you still are able to understand what the storyline is about what you're selling Then this way you understand that the visuals are actually doing some kind of work Right and they're communicating them as it's self if it's just a bunch of like beautiful images probably it's not working So if you know about this power of imagery and now again We're only talking static imagery there comes the videos into play where they can be explainers that can explain the value Why you're doing things you're doing why your product is the best It also like best possible so

For example, I can infinitely talk about how amazing the door lock is, but I can show you the video what's inside of it and why the wrong key does not go through.

And then you understand immediately, aha, this is how it works. But instead of me having to explain that in word, which is a burden, people are very cautious about how they spend every single second in the internet because there is just so much offering out there.

So you have to carefully really like, as you said, like just before you were spending one time of your life consciously dedicating it to creativity.

When it comes to users' attention, it usually is counted in seconds. And you have to really make every second of the impression count.

And then there's this third block that is called like the whole website experience itself. So the UX, the interactivity part of it, the way how it's put together, because for example, there would be some bootstrap community, as I call them.

They would prefer some side builders. For me personally, I always feel a tiny difference between how the side builders behave and how the website that is available.

constantly engineered is behaving. It is like very different look and feel. As per me, and people also feel it, I agree as well, because again, entrepreneurs try to make things like very tangible, even though website also has to do a lot with untangible things, like associations they're feeling that you have.

And overall, the emotion that you're getting from it is either you trust the brand, you get to know it better, you're looking into it, or you're looking at it as kind of sloppy.

And this is the impression that the folks might get, that actually your business is sloppy, because this is the, again, I'm thinking that the website is like the face.

So you kind of read a lot from it, it's not the only thing, right? There's this speech and what you say, but it is judged on looks oftentimes.

So especially if the website is super conversion driven, like e-commerce, you have to be absolutely like nail in it.

If it's not serving any direct conversion value, you still have to care about it, because it's your. reputation, I believe, and it can generate indirect dividends in a big amount.

So yeah, how to make it best, have a great copy, have great visuals, have great user experience. And probably, if I didn't break these things down, it would sound like your basic advice.

But now I think having a slightly more deep look into each of these things, you can get better what I'm saying by a killer copy of visuals that work and nice engineering.

@7:27 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know, I love this because I literally was, I feel like as an entrepreneur, you're constantly working on your website.

You're constantly figuring out ways to prove it. so folks that listening, I have a Patreon account. I just want to let you know this.

We have a Patreon account for $5 a month. You can actually watch these videos. these podcast interviews, you can actually go watch them if you join the Patreon account.

So what I'm going to do right now, I'm going to share my screen and I'm going to show you my website.

I know I want you to critique it. So you folks go, if you're listening and you want the opportunity, you can in fact, watch these full videos on Patreon.

Again, as little as $5 a month, you can watch all of these videos. So I'm going to share my screen with you, but I'm going to have you go ahead and critique it.

SCREEN SHARING: Gabriel started screen sharing - WATCH

Okay. We're sure the shades of entrepreneurship website, again, the shades of Very basic, right? business education podcast interviewing entrepreneurs.

Now, the reason I have this is my paragraph one, because this is paragraph or headline one, right? the first thing when Google's tracking it, I believe the way I'm taught.

This is the first thing they're kind of looking at it, right?

@8:30 - Bohdan

Mm-hmm. You want me to comment right now?

@8:33 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Because I already can't. Please critique the crap.

@8:36 - Bohdan

actually, again, the people thinking like design critique or something is going to be like the way the colors feel.

No, it's not about colors at all. Design is visual communication. So you're delivering a message through a visual format, which displays in the web.

That's what I'm going to actually break down right down. here a section is always the most important because like a lot of people, not a lot, like according to my stats and what I see from analytics.

It looks like 80% of people still continue after the hero's queen. But it usually is perceived as the most killer thing that the first impression that the people have.

So you're saying a business education podcast, interviewing entrepreneurs. I like it. It's direct and it's like straight to the point.

can absolutely get the messaging. this is no mistake so far. It's amazing. On the right side, you have this big thing that called the shades of entrepreneurship, which I believe is your logo.

Right. Do you want to like stick your logo that much and give it that much attention like half of the screen?

I'm not sure what I would advise you to do is like, okay, what else can we fit in here to make the first impression like absolutely correct?

So who are the people that you were interviewing? There are probably some much of the cool folks and recognizable folks that would get the trust to your brand.

They'd be like, oh, yeah, know this guy. This is an interesting guy that he was interviewing or maybe add some credibility like where you were featured.

Maybe you were featured in the Forbes or maybe in some other media BBC or whatever else that people would.

or people that care about your podcast would know. It'd be also nice to understand because, uh-huh, okay, this is not just just a guy who is doing this business education.

He has this certain credibility that adds to trust. The next thing I believe that what makes your podcast great is you.

So I would not hesitate to place like your own image on the very hero screen. Why? Because again, it creates a trust because I see the person that I'm going to be looking at.

People actually read a lot from the facial expressions as well. So if you take a nice picture of yourself being like absolutely friendly, I can already read way more information than the logo.

We can still have the logo. It can be in the top left corner or everything else. And it's still going to be readable as a piece of information that you see, right?

But then you're still using more advantages that you have is yourself. Then if you want to take it to level two, it'd be amazing.

It's actually that was video of you speaking. So like I could instantly click a button and hear like, Hey, this is me.

Welcome to my website. You know, I teach like and then you can get way. more information than just the explanation that this is a business education podcast.

You can open up about why you're doing it, who you're doing it for, what's inside of there. So you can already flush it out on the first screen without people even having to scroll because that's what they're going to see.

Like, okay, I see this is a real guy, a real person. He's looking nice. This is a compliment that goes to you, right?

If it's a video, I can hear you speak and I can hear that you're smart, straight off. And then you have this logo where you were featured or something else that would add credibility why people should care about your podcast, why they should listen to you.

If it's not logos, there is different methods of how you can kind of leverage and showcase what you've got.

Maybe, I don't know, you've been working for some great companies. Maybe you have some personal achievement, but just like some additional info that would let people understand where they are, why they should care about it, and then get their curiosity through this lens to explore more info that you're going to showcase just down below.

Yeah, so this is Primarily the the thing that I would say just a straight off the thing like personally font if you like it great If you don't like it, okay, even though I'm again.

I'm a designer and our director Of course and create a director, but in the end of the day, really care about the messaging part So like there's nothing wrong with the font.

There's nothing wrong with the logo as well Because yeah, I think I can go on forever But if there's something else to scroll on the start page I'd heavily Okay, let's go about all right.

So we have this information I believe on the left. These are the people that have been featured, but then Yeah, it'd be super also nice like maybe to kind of the faces themselves kind of tell me something But if they would have some titles, I think that would also be more informative as per me So like okay, this is he or this company.

This is he or this company and this way I would get more context into who these people are The thing about the websites people usually hate reading.

This is the paradigm that I always start the design with people It really would read your heading. Maybe they would read a standalone piece of text if it's short.

But usually, again, people care about themselves. don't really... It might hurt every own self, but really people are selfish and they care about themselves.

having to spend that much time reading eight paragraphs of text, it's either people that you already have to build connection with or have some specific internet.

And again, it also has a lot to do about how people actually ended up on your website. Is it like, did they just Google you up and kind of...

This was their journey or are they coming from your social media where they already kind of know you. This also makes a situation different.

your traffic source is also important in the way you construct the website, looking at the context. So let me try to read the message.

I'm going to get close up on the screen. of Entrepreneurship Podcast is a dynamic platform highlighting, interpreting, and in our early journeys offering business science, education, value opportunities for internet and discovery.

Um, do you come back here. Yeah, well, let explains the thing. So I think like there's nothing wrong or right with the copy.

It's absolutely informative. The thing is, again, I believe what it lacks is your special sauce. Like you definitely have some special sauce.

Like, for example, if I take this text and I place it on some other podcaster's website that is doing the same kind of podcast, would it still work?

I think it will work like almost 100%. So I would try to kind of, you know, look deeper and find that special thing what makes you special within this field of doing the educational kind of podcast.

It can be found in the way of form of like the ton of points itself, right? The shade of entrepreneurship, like opens your shade, know, kind of, I look into dark sides of people to find something.

like that is coming more personal already if there is nothing more specific. Because again, I would have to speak to talk to you for like a couple of hours in order to kind of find what actually is making you special.

I would happily do so. Maybe we will do over some next episodes or something. But for now, yeah, I would be looking for your special own unique sauce.

but informally wise, I do like that it is straightforward. It's explaining what it's about, which is the spice is that personality of yours that I would add here and like about the people.

@15:20 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

And then I talk about Patreon newsletter. You know, let's go to the Patreon block. I'm going to enter every single one of them.

@15:28 - Bohdan

I don't know what's in your Patreon. I don't know. I don't see the value straight off. Like why would I sign up?

It's selling Patreon. It's telling me sign up. OK, what I'm going to, you know, what I have to do is press another click, go to another platform, potentially log in.

So, you know, invest a little bit of effort. I don't know what I'm getting in exchange for that. There's some copy about it.

I can probably read it. There, but I, again, without reading copy, I might just guess that it's going to say it has exclusive content that's going to help you pump up your skills.

That's basically the message that's been like probably long. Let me try to remove in close rincey. Free space to connect with fans directly in place to grow the podcast as little as five per month, better and exclusivity access to interviews along with other exclusive bandages.

I will try to open up as much as possible. benefits do they have? For now it sounds abstract, just the benefits.

What benefits? What specifically are you doing? You can get in touch with me directly and ask questions. Or, that's kind of valuable.

I'll put it out. Maybe you were saying, you have this like reviews of the website. It'd be nice to have some kind of demo over there as well.

Maybe just a little bit of it, just a piece of it to let people try. Because again, if you come back to Apple's website, they use their headphones in the best light possible.

Their product is the website. Your product is the subscription for the content. So your product is the content. So you want to kind of showcase your content as much as possible on the very first kind of storefront side, which is again the website.

Even the marketing studies would show that when people get to experience the product before the purchase, which is trying, touching.

playing around with it. It's a physical product. The more the chances are that they're going to kind of have it because the whole psychology of the purchase is that I'm giving away money and I'm for something in exchange.

And I want to know the value of it because given away my money always activates the area in the brain that activates pain.

So that is very like kind of a subconsciously painful feeling. So it really has to serve the value. So what you want to do is exaggerate or not exaggerate but make that value absolutely kind of visible and get the best out of it.

So you'll be like, okay, yeah, this swing is making kind of sense for me. Even though pie-dollars is not that much, of course, we get that.

But if you manage to kind of overweight the value thing that, you know, it's $5 not for just something, but for this specific thing, and I do like it, the chances are people are going to buy it more.

So yeah, well, UX wise, there's the thing that CTA doesn't stand out like sign up. I am a believer that people who are interested, they're going to find a way to sign up.

So making it red, making it huge is not going to make people click it. You know, kind of if they're not interested.

But at the same time, if we talk mass scale, so if you have 10,000 visitors, yes, there will be a lot of people who would kind of, you know, kind of not press this button.

And again, as you don't have this value, maybe if it was huge and red, some people would just press it for the sake of it and then find something nice there already.

That might be the journey. So if it's again mass traffic, I would try to kind of get it more visible.

Within this block. But yeah, that's what I would do with this specific block. If you go to your slider, one, one, the same mistake, pretty much similar to what I said before.

And it actually is 95% of cases of everybody. So you're asking me to give my email. This is quite personal.

I mean, everybody's trying to get my email, right? Like that girl from the bar, everybody's trying to get her number.

Everybody's trying to get my email. And I know that when I input my email, I'm going to be bombed with messages.

Like it's. So, you know, we're living in 2023. It's obvious. So I am careful. And I think most, I'm pretty sure you are and all the visitors and people who listen to the podcast, they will not give email that easily nowadays.

They would need to also know that there's something waiting there that's going to be kind of, you know, valuable.

So I would also try to explain it. Maybe, again, visuals are always the best. If you would show an example of newsletter and I would actually think it's cool, I would probably do it or like just open up a little more what's waiting there.

So like, hey, it's just going to be two minute read or it's going to be like an advanced 25 minute thing where you will find out on all the secrets in the world.

That's already, again, some exchange of the value. Okay, for that, I am ready to invest my email and getting these things in.

Right now, just join. Okay, not convincing enough. As for me again, there will be some people that are coming that know your background that are absolutely interested even before they landed on the website.

They might leave. But if you want to increase the conversion, I will try to give a solid value reason why they should give the same amount because this is something that they also give out and invest from their side.

@20:10 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Perfect. All right, folks, never moved on to the shop, the products.

@20:16 - Bohdan

And you've got it right. You show the product, you can even like, you could see it clearly, you know what you're buying.

It has the price tag on it. It has the button to buy. Like I'm the designer itself is kind of cool.

So yeah, I think this is kind of the 10.

@20:31 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Perfect. Finally, we're getting there. Now my bio, hopes. Keep on there. go. bit concise.

@20:38 - Bohdan

Yeah. Let's see what it says. Yeah. Like again, I kind of like to like your style way more than again, there's different styles than people just like throwing lots of fluffs and people keep it absolutely straight to the point.

I like that it's straight to the point, but I would personally, again, as a non-visitor, I would like to know a little.

bit more about you. Not just your title, but who you are the person, why do you make this podcast, how do they all start, something that will open up your personality a little more.

And that would be for me something interesting because usually also human connect to the stories a lot. That's also what we see.

Stories would always help to sell anything and just get people interested because again, the movies that you see, the most dramatic emotional experience that would come from movies and in the books.

there's a story and people like to kind of fill in the gaps that they have, kind of imagine some things in their head.

And then when this kind of lines with what they think of life generally, then they're like, okay, yeah, I'm interested, this is something that resonates with me.

And again, I'm pretty sure you have a lot of good reasons why you're doing it and why people would be absolutely benefiting from getting closer connection with you.

So yeah, this is something that I would do over here.

@21:55 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Perfect. Blog post.

@21:58 - Bohdan

Okay. So to me here, the text might be little redundant because blog posts, okay, like what? I get it's blog posts and then like the value lies within the blog posts itself.

I don't need an extra explanation of why should I care about your blog posts. It's either good or not.

So I can see precisely like from here. So to me again, like redundancy is also important in kind of removing redundancy seems important to kind of have the attention in what you want them to see.

You want them to see the blog and to see this valuable and only the blog posts itself that make it valuable.

Gotcha. Regarding the views, not necessarily should. Sure, I would have them. Why? Because I'm not sure this number serves a kind of convincing reason.

It has only three views, which makes me as user like, okay, not that many people read it. If you just hide it, it's going to be less of a kind of a distraction because again, people kind of care about these things.

So if you ask me about these tiny chances, if it would have like 50k views and that would certainly benefit, like it would be an additional reason to care about it.

people read it. If there's less people, you want to just probably remove it just for the sake of, you know, kind of not going the direction and avoiding the risk of some people thinking like that's too little to me.

I like because again, like, well, most of the people want to be a part of this mass, you know, kind of.

And when there's when they see that they're alone, they try to hesitate. There's again lots of psychology about it.

White people want to belong to the group. And like it's massive thing. The art of management, a key to entrepreneurial success.

I would also add a little bit more like not just heading, but the first sentences. This is what you would see like Forbes and others doing and getting people to click further because that's what you wanted to do.

They would be like using the click back title titles and then just short stories that you just want to press read more because you know, you've got to got intrigued.

So using that space for like this one or two sentences that are is provoking the intrigue to actually go and click it because again, that's what you want to have.

You want to have them continue their journey with you. So you're You want to kind of pull them as much as possible.

So I would definitely like revisit relook at the headings and maybe add the subheadings as well, just again, to have them more intrigued, intergo and deeper.

I do like that it's a three-minute treat because that is not a lot of my time. And I would be like absolutely affording three minutes to check it out.

That's nice because if it was 20 minutes, might be too much. But as I was short and sweet, I am OK with kind of exploring it.

The date is also nice. Having it, I can see that you can kind of consistently post on it and work on it.

And also to me, again, it forms an impression that you are consistent and people also feel it, I believe.

Because again, if you don't take out your website, probably, I don't know what you do with your business. Maybe you're also sloppy like that to not care about it at all.

Because you should care about everything, right? It's your thing. And as I see that you are consistently doing effort, then I mean, you're really investing in what you're doing.

And to me, that would play a role. So yeah, I would see like, OK, this guy is updating. He's putting work in.

into it. So I appreciate it. would kind of consider there's again, there would be lots of people with different opinions, of course.

And that's what the best that can happen is have them also kind of go through the thing that they see.

But the thing is, unfortunately, a lot of people would tell you BS just to protect their ego not to hurt you, right?

Because I'm being like, absolutely direct. And I totally know that some of the things would not feel absolutely comfortable having your kind of website crashed.

This is what you're here for. And I understand that you're super, super man that understand the value for sure.

So I'm not hurting you.

@25:32 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Hopefully, I'm in your education folks, free education.

@25:36 - Bohdan

Amazing. But there would be lots of people who try to show them, you know, kind of show themselves softer would not feel so comfortable flushing it all out just like that.

Or we tried to find kind of some good things because it would be more about the personal connection with you not roughly looking at the work and not abstracting it from your personality.

So yeah, getting people to answer the right things is also like a huge science. But and also like regarding this and having it.

Very interesting story. I was part of the focus group that was doing the research and the post service that we have in Ukraine And then they showed this ad of the spots post service, which was like one minute video And then all people said like oh my god a lot of this is such a great ad and you know, it's fantastic But then I said like but you're part of the group right now and of course like it's shot beautifully, but Let me rephrase the question if this was shown on YouTube Would watch it till the end or would you hit this kid button the first thing like it pops up?

And it totally changed the perspective of the answer like Yeah, you know, I would kind of and I was like, okay, so now let's talk like what would make it For you not skipping it They're saying like walk and there's the current station that starts to happen that actually serves the value But again, the first-hand question was like do you like it?

Yes, we love it and then they start naming reasons why they love it by it's so beautifully how it kind of resembles the message The post is fast and good and for these people and I was like I

through a lot of this interview. So I'm gonna tell you that they're lying right now, and they might not even acknowledge it themselves because again, it's just the theme dynamics, it's the personal psychology dynamics, and these things have to be counted when you ask for the opinion.

But yeah, like you're doing the best thing possible, you're asking me to review it, and then there will be some other people who's gonna say like lots of stuff about it, and then you can have the image of what kind of emo comes everybody has.

And that what branding initially is coming back to the topic of the conversation is the set of intangible emotions and associations that people have with your business.

And how hard would you not try? People are still gonna have their own kind of emotions and associations based on their personal perception experience, cultural thing, and background or anything.

But what you can do with branding being precise, having a clear brand strategy is get them to think as much as possible of yourself that you would like to showcase to make yourself kind of...

If you're talking personal branding like your website, for example, you can showcase yourself as a... Every day guy is like, I'm leaving the same life as you.

So this is why you relate. You can show yourself as a super professional being as this suit and tie and saying, like, I'm so smart that, you know, you want to listen to me.

That's a totally different set of associations that we have. You might have it in a trash design style where, you know, there's going to be like cows flying around and people are going to see like, OK, some people say, like, sorry, it's too much.

But some people say, like, hey, he's, you know, kind of, he can laugh from himself. He's got a kind of fine guy.

he doesn't really care. And he's like, this kind of guy. And this is the third buy. And all these things, you know, kind of, and this also they relate, like, who your potential customers are, what they care about, you know, kind of, are they, like, that super serious people?

And this is like, I'm talking about this specific group because this is unbiased, because everybody wants to be, like, absolutely professional, absolutely.

But then, again, sometimes it's seen as fake. Sometimes people would watch your podcast rather than, like, a recreation rather than doing it at a full time, like, nine or five schedule, like, in the middle.

So, And they're pursuing the relaxation kind of thing. Maybe, you know, kind of there's also can be some emotion that will support it.

Like, hey, I know that you're going to watch this in the evening after you finish your work. And that's why I keep it short.

Bong, you hit me hard. I relate. I'm like, you read my thoughts. You are on the same page. And this is how I build connection with me.

If you were trying to be cold, it's a different thing. So again, there's so many ways you can form your brand image from, from the personal and corporate level.

And you want to kind of, you know, build this image to serve what you're selling to whom you're serving, how you're selling it and these kind of things.

@29:37 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

You know, folks, I want to pull out a few nuggets right there. Because one, we're talking about like brand strategy and brand and guidelines.

We're not just talking about colors and images and we're talking about everything, right? The font sizes. How does certain images go on?

What images you use? How do you want those images to look to, to, you know, your point? Is it going to be the suit and tie or is it going to be the t-shirt look, right?

I'm more, you know, I, experience heavily has been in the corporate world for the last 22 years in the nonprofit healthcare kind of industry, you know, focusing on strategy building brand guidelines, things of that nature.

Now, coming as an entrepreneur, it's very different. It's very, very, very similar in a lot of ways, but it's very different because when we're working in the corporate American, I'm talking about healthcare.

I'm talking like patient stories, right, trying to pull out your heartstrings, trying to think about we're going to give you the best care possible.

Now, I'm trying to do the same thing with my current brand, I'm trying to pull out your heartstrings, but I'm trying to pull out your heartstrings to pay, right, to purchase an item to subscribe to something, right?

But I'm also providing value to your point. And I agree, you know, a lot of these things, especially adding a little bit of sentences to the blog post is, you know, that little, that little hook, right, to draw you in.

And so that's it's having an opportunity to folks listening to have an opportunity to really. Ask somebody that's smarter and better than you in their profession is not a bad thing.

Don't take this criticism as like, oh, man, I'm screwing up. No, nobody was perfect. In fact, the last person that was perfect, apparently walked on water and look what happened to that guy.

So I don't think anybody wants to be perfect, right? So what we really want to focus on is how do we continue to grow and learn from each other?

Again, calling in from Ukraine. I'm learning from across the world right now. I am trying to get better and better every day from other people who are better than me because they know how to do it.

And I'm asking these questions because one, it's going to help me and it's going help you. So I really do truly hope you take this opportunity to listen to what's being said in these podcasts.

If you have an opportunity to watch the videos, please do. Because it really does provide a good outline of what other entrepreneurs are doing, what success looks like, and really actually pulling back the onion and letting you see, hey, it's not just about the colors.

When it's talking about brandy. It's not just about these pictures. It's actually about the font color, the spacing, the what it makes people feel, right?

That's your brand. You know, talk to people about what's your value proposition. That's what your brand is. Your brand is your value proposition.

When people think you talked about Apple constantly, right? Nike is a great example too. They're kind of value proposition is they want everyone to feel like an athlete.

Everybody's an athlete and so they want everybody to feel like an athlete. When I was wearing the Nike Air Jordans, I'll stick my tongue out.

I thought I can dunk it. I can't. But you know, the feeling you have wearing those things, AT&T with their commercial recently talking about the airlines has nothing to do with the phone, but they are getting into your feelings.

How do you, everybody can relate to the airlines lying about us about costs, right? You see these hidden fees everywhere.

Well, AT&T is just doing a job about pulling out and saying, Hey, we don't do that because everybody can relate to it.

I really love that now. As we're, how's your building this brand? What's kind of the next stages for you in your life?

What do you, what do

@33:00 - Bohdan

We're going to do where are you at in next five years? Me in the next five years, we're expanding our company because we're serves so much value and we want to use our strongest eyes to be also discovered through the time to serve our own objectives.

So, we know that we do amazing branding, we do amazing product design and we can make amazing websites and communicate about it.

So, what we decided to do is to launch another sub-brand for one of the services specifically, which is actually the product design out-staffing so people can get the designers to work with them like absolutely, easily on the gig basis, just pay for time.

Which simplifies the way that the problems that we had during this life cycle of people you know kind of wanting to have a designer but it's taken too long, sometimes it's expensive, you cannot find the right one and this thing we kind of simplify this whole thing and this is one of the services.

we're going to brand it absolutely properly so people can understand fully the value and not mix it with the main value prop.

That's the first thing that we're going to do. The next thing that we're actually doing right now is actually a startup, also based on the problem that we have.

We had people burning out at our company. They were working hard and they were just like burning out and they were leaving the company.

Like it was not a huge thing, but you know, I care about every single person in my business a lot and when somebody valuable is leaving Or just somebody's leaving that kind of feels me as a manager With a feeling that you know kind of I underdid the job because it didn't Provide something to this person to make him feel happy in a way Because we can always like raise the salary change the we're very flexible with what we're doing right now So the startup is about spotting the pronouns Spotting the signs of people being not necessarily 100% happy as early as possible Currently is done through one and once and just like monthly questionnaires I would say but what we want to have is like the app that would actually give you some notifications in two days Once in three days and like hey, how do you feel?

Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you feeling productive? Do you feel you're mentally okay? Because the with the thing that is going in the in Ukraine and in the world as well Like there's more and more anxiety kick in and always people are telling that mental health and dynamics or a thing Is coming and it's around the corner then it gets more visible and gets more attention finally

So again, the thing is I want to get this information as well as possible so the person can understand like if he's having trouble because it's sometimes it's not even about having the honesty with yourself like admitting that you feel bad.

So I want to create this kind of system that's going to... we already actually did the MVP. So we can understand that maybe I'm not feeling right and maybe there's something I can do about it before it gets too bad.

So this is the app that we want to build and again we're absolutely on track with building it. So I think we should ship it early next year.

We've done lots of interviews as well with the... as you just did, we talked to a lot of HRs, asked them to crash it like to destroy it fully and tell why the worst solution they've seen.

And this is how the truth starts to pop up. And the way we did it was absolutely similar as well.

We would show them the product and kind of extract, you know, the thinking. with the product, it's slightly more complicated than with the website because with the product, I would just show the app and say like, hey, book emitting.

And then I see them do it. see them struggle. If I would ask, do you understand how to book emitting?

would say yes. But then they amount of time. So there's a whole science behind the prototypes. that's what we're doing.

And this happens again, to grow, to evolve, to find our strong size and get them out in the world as well.

So yeah, working with major tech brands and doing some stuff that's just going to disrupt the market and get the visibility.

Because again, our mission is to inspire game changers, which means to give that inspiration to the world for you.

See something like, yeah, that kind of drove me. So you know, pulled up the AT&T commercial, for example. So this is something that had an impact on how you kind of continued your experience after you watched it, because you brought it up.

So it stayed in your brain. So it also, you had some conclusions about, uh-huh. Okay, so this is what I do with my life right now.

Maybe it's on the minor level. Sometimes it can actually turn out to be a huge discovery that is going to be coming from that little small thing that you saw.

So this is what we're trying to build, though, to create the inspiration for the people to bring in this meaningful change.

And building good products is going to serve the humanity, the ecology. And that kind of thing. So this is what we're doing.

And I'm very happy when the team of 30 something people can build something that is seen by one billion people.

And for some people, again, it might even change the course of their lives. we want to be involved. We want to be making the meaningful tech brands louder.

in the next five years, expanding properly using the superpowers that we have. So again, the startup to agencies is going to be our holding that we're going to be growing.

And maybe they're going to do some more ideas popping. I don't know. But focus on these three things is going to be the primary thing.

And this way, I can also empower my people to grow and kind of they can also take on the responsibility that they feel better.

So like somebody would be like, yeah, I totally feel the startup is nice with me. So I can kind of rebalance it out.

So I think it's also important to give people that are absolutely smart, absolutely talented, space to grow within the company in this way.

So yeah, that's what I'm up to. Nice.

@37:54 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Now quickly, how can folks get in contact with you?

@37:57 - Bohdan

Yeah, it's the website. When you hit us up, I'm always in the loop of every communication. So I always talk about it.

It can be my LinkedIn, which is Bahamban called you chuk, which may be hard as well, but I'm pretty sure there's going to be some link out there.

Yeah. But yeah, the is like the cream, but with a queue because it's for quality. This is how we put it on the nice thing.

about quality.

@38:21 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Thank you. Actually, I'm doing all the business with the queue. I like and don't forget folks, if you want this information, I'll have it on the shades of entrepreneurship newsletter.

can sign up at the shades of I'll make sure to add little bit more description so you know exactly what you're getting for that newsletter as we've been learning here today.

Thank you so much for your time. I really do appreciate it. Learn so much information, folks. I hope you also enjoyed this.

is a please also I'm going have the contact information newsletter. They'll also be on our website. So if you want to reach out to a boat hunt, you can phenomenal, phenomenal conversation.

Thank you so much for your time. I hope everything's going well for you over in Ukraine and I hope you and your people continue to sort of drive over there and the economy continues to get rebuilt by people like you and like-minded folks.

@39:08 - Bohdan

Let me know how we can help you here in the States. Thank you so much for your time, folks.

Listen at home, please follow me at or at the Shades of E on the social sites. Thank you.

@39:58 - Gabriel Flores (The Shades of Entrepreneurship)

Thank you.

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